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Lifestyle Diseases: Why They Make Health Insurance Crucial?

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Technological advancements have made our life simpler. However, it has also harmed our health as well. Both young and old are glued to their smartphones. On the other hand, exercising is no more a priority. It has led to various lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, heart ailments, etc. Inactive lifestyle, no work-life balance, and bad eating habits are some of the reasons that have deteriorated the health. At present, you can find many people in the early 20s and 30s complaining about diabetes, heart ailments, and high BMI.

Due to the fast-paced lifestyle, people are not able to live a healthy lifestyle. In recent years, the incidences of deaths due to lifestyle diseases in India have increased. According to the World Health Organisation, there are nearly 50 million diabetics in India. This figure is only going to increase in the future.  So, let’s understand in detail what lifestyle diseases are and why they make health insurance crucial.

What are Lifestyle Diseases?

Lifestyle ailments are non-communicable diseases that occur because of the day-to-day lifestyle of people. Habits that draw people away from various activities can cause chronic illnesses that can be life-threatening.

Mentioned below are some common lifestyle diseases:

  1. Hypertension
  2. Diabetes
  3. High BMI
  4. Thyroid Problems

What are the Treatments for Lifestyle Diseases?

The treatment plan for lifestyle diseases depends on the severity of the problem. Some of them are also not curable but can be maintained. That is why it is crucial to start treating such diseases at the initial stage before it becomes life-threatening. Treatments include:

  • Regular medicines
  • Balanced diet
  • Supplements
  • Therapies
  • Daily Exercise

How is Health Insurance Helpful?

An active lifestyle is vital to stay healthy; similarly, health insurance is equally important to stay wealthy. Rising medical inflation and resultant skyrocketing medical costs can give a financial jerk during a medical emergency. The increasing number of lifestyle disease cases is alarming to keep yourself and your family protected with the right health insurance. It is not an option anymore but has become a necessity more than ever.

It covers your treatment and hospitalization bills in an emergency or planned hospitalization. Companies like Care Health Insurance offer cashless hospitalization facilities at their network hospitals across the country. COVID-19 cover, no claim bonus, lifelong renewability, automatic recharge, and reduction in wait period are some of the essential benefits that you can get under the policy. You can get it as an individual or family floater. With the help of health insurance, you and your family are secure to fight any unforeseen situation.


Lifestyle diseases in India have become a reality. It is never too late to take care of your health. You need not take extreme steps; just a few simple healthy habits like regular exercise, maintaining a healthy diet, and, most importantly, opting for Care health insurance plans or other policies can make a difference.  Visit their official websites and pick the one that helps you to get maximum coverage. The customer support team will help you in buying the best health insurance plan as per your needs.

You need to realize that in today’s life, nobody is born with guaranteed immunity. Having adequate health insurance can secure you and your family against any misfortune.  Take your health seriously before it is too late.

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