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LMS Features That Support Freelancer Training Professionals

LMS Features That Support Freelancer Training Professionals
  • PublishedSeptember 14, 2021

Freelancing in the majority of professions is on the rise these days. There are more avenues and the internet has open a whole new world of possibilities for freelancers, and the same goes for freelance course providers.

A good LMS is not only the one in their price range but also the one which aligns the interests of clients with their goals. Learning management systems such as Paylocity are coming up with new features to accommodate the growing needs of freelancers. The Paylocity reviews corroborate these claims. The following features have made the lives of freelancers easier.

The uninterrupted internet connection and the possibility of work whenever require is a godsend feature of modern learning management systems. This feature also aids in delivering training on different devices like smartphones, tablets, and laptops as well as personal computers or desktops. The progress is automatically synced on all the devices.

  • Certificate management-

The feature of certificate management aids in measuring the performance as well as the progress made by the trainees. The said performance results need to be shared with interested parties as well. This job is done well by the certificates. A good LMS allows for the performance reports to be generated on the completion of a course, automatic renewal of the certificates according to crossed milestones, and also reminders for impending courses.

  • Reusable content

The content once formulate can be reused whenever the need arises. This helps the freelancers to create similar content and use it again and again. This feature of modern LMSs helps freelancers create good quality content rather than focusing their energies on creating similar content repeatedly and compromising their consistency and at the same time, saves a lot of time that can be used to find solutions to other problems needing their energies.

  • Feedback

Trainees, management, accounts department, human resources department, each have vest interest in the progress of training and need relevant reports for their own purposes. Modern LMSs can generate customized reports with relevant data and can share them periodically. The feedback from all the above-mention parties require by freelancers can also be taken at required intervals using the LMS itself.

  • Authoring tool

Some modern LMSs also offer built-in authoring tools that allow for consistency of work and quick content updates. They also help to streamline the workflow of training and at the same time ensures that the training material is compatible and also helps in cost-cutting. You can say goodbye to your formatting woes, thanks to the authoring tools.


Learning Management systems in modern times have help freelancers by tackling a variety of issues that were being faced by them. This has help them to focus on great work quality or coming up with even better solutions for the problems present rather than being stuck with the rut of delegable issues. 

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