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location tracking app for parents to keep kids safe

Awais Irshad
Awais Irshad
7 Min Read

We are facing Covid-19 issue, that changed the way we think and our lifestyle. Students and their parents stay home. Work from home as well as the students has to take online classes to continue their classes. For this environment, students take their classes online on their mobile devices or laptops, etc. Because of this environment students when doing alone work they can browse sex websites or unethical content they should not watch. All we will do is take care, take as many safety measures as we will, and keep ourselves within the protection of our own homes. Staying house is not a simple job on the opposite hand, particularly as a stay-at-home parent. location tracker

Kids these hear nobody and like to try to their own thing their way. Being a parent in today’s world is far harder than it had been a couple of decades ago. Devices like smartphones, tablets are the sole source of entertainment for the staying home children and teenagers alike. Now that the faculties have also shifted to conducting online classes, the screen time for a mean child has only increased.

Keeping a track of your teen or child’s activities online is often a troublesome job but now you’ll have a hand from the simplest app FamiSafe parental control app. We understand that you simply got to juggle many responsibilities under one roof including work, taking care of your children, and searching after the family as an entire. This makes FemiSafe the right app for you and your family.


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Distinct Features 


Now it does sound like your average location tracker but we assure you that’s not the case. It’s a location tracker but also far more reliable than simply an easy tracking app. FemiSafe is an app that will assist you together with your children in developing well-organized and good screen habits. You will question that possibility so allow us to guide you thru the unlike the other features of this all-rounder application.


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Managing app Activity


All you would like maybe a smartphone to urge this app up and running and you’ll manage every ongoing activity on your teens or child’s device. It’ll offer you and choice to control the screen time by supplying you with a daily usage report. If you would like it can allow you to realize each app and when it’s been installed on the device and even offer you a report about the apps your child has uninstalled. You will also track the minimum time your child is spending on certain apps.


Limiting Content


FemiSafe allows you to limit and block any content you are doing not want your child to consume. You’ll even block apps that they ought to not use. You limit their access to certain websites and may completely avoid graphic content.




The parent alerts system during this family tracking app sends immediate notifications just in case of any misuse from the device you’re managing. If your child is doing anything suspicious you’ll be ready to take quick action right there right then. You’ll even have access to the history just in case you miss the alert at the precise same time. This may keep your teen/kid in restraint in the least times.


Extensive Features


The extensive features these app offers are real-time location tracking and geo-fencing. You will limit the places your child should attend by adding geo-fences. As soon because the child leaves those fences you’ll get an alert and you’ll ask them to share their live location by utilizing the real-time location tracking feature. This feature makes sure that your children are within the protective range you’ve got set for them and are safe from any possible dangers. You will also track the telephone of your child just in case of any unfortunate happening by using an equivalent live location tracking feature. There’s also a history tab for the locations your kid is visiting on a day to day which makes it much easier for you to stay track of their whereabouts.


Payments and Offers


Accessing these amazing features has never been easier than this. You will get all of those and more features with reliable monthly and yearly plans.

Get the app for a month for less than 9.99$

3 months in 6.99$ per month only (pay in advance)

Yearly access for 4.99$ a month only (pay in advance)

The app is extremely affordable for the services and safety it offers. In 9.99$ you’ll never need to worry about your child again.


Access to FamiSafe app links 


The app is out there for Android, Apple, Mac, Windows, and on the Amazon store. The links are within the description below:







All you have to do is just download and install the app on your device and every one of the devices you would like to trace. The limit is up to 30 devices you’ll access at an equivalent time. The entire directions to use the app are given on the webpage of the app. Visit now for more information.




FemiSafe is wonderful that ensures the security of everyone in your family. It’s affordable and simply accessible which makes it the simplest family location tracking app among all.

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