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Luxury Wristwatch Finds: Tags Heuer Wristwatches

Every wristwatch manufacturer has its strengths and weaknesses in terms of producing a timepiece in the market. Finding the right wristwatch brand that you should choose from is challenging, especially in today’s generation, where many wristwatch manufacturers are available worldwide. The wristwatch manufacturer named Tag Heuer ranks high among the most diverse timepiece productions that answer to the public’s different needs and want. They have been doing this type of business for decades, knowing the in and out of every aspect of making a wristwatch. Their brand can be a good start point for you to explore in finding your next wristwatch purchase.

This article will generate five of the best wristwatches from the Tag Heuer watches you should think about.

Connected Modular 45 Quartz Blue Dial Stainless Steel Men’s Watch

The first one on our list is the model SBG8A11.BA0646 is a timepiece from Tag Heuer Watch that is made specifically for men. It is a combination of a silver casing and a digital dial, which can be worn on any occasion. This can be a good style wristwatch to wear at informal events, and you can wear this even inside of your household, given that it is comfortable when worn. Its material for its casing and band is made of stainless steel. It also has a round shape that has a sapphire crystal. The size of its case is 45 millimeters in diameter, making it a prominent type of wristwatch. The design of its dial is simple and has the hands of an AMOLED touch screen display. The best thing that comes with it is the water resistance of more or less 50 meters deep.

Monaco Chronograph Automatic Blue Dial Men’s Watch

The second wristwatch from this list is the model CBL2111.BA0644 is a men’s watch with a stainless steel material for its casing and band. This can be your next wrist watch if you want to look unique, as this timepiece comes with its square shape casing. It is one of the unusual casing shapes that only a few individuals have made you different from a crowd.

These wristwatches’ best things are the two sub-dials in the 9 o’clock part and the 3 o’clock part. This will also allow you to track your second, minute, hour, and date efficiently, making it a good wristwatch for you to avoid getting late all the time. It also comes with 100 meters of water resistance to prevent water damage.

Aquaracer Quartz Black Dial Diamond Ladies Watch

The third wristwatch is specifically made for the ladies, this model WAY1395.BH0716 is a luxury type of wristwatch which is usually made for formal events. However, you can also wear this in your school, business, and even on vacations as it has a design that can easily compliment any outfit that you may prefer wearing.

Having this timepiece has black with a luminescence finish, this wristwatch’s overall look is simple and yet elegant. One of the best things about this timepiece is making its case, and the band is made with ceramic. It is also a water-resistant timepiece that can be submerged below 300 meters or less than 1000 feet.

Carrera Chronograph Automatic Black Dial Men’s Watch

The model CBN2A5A.FC6481 is the fourth wristwatch on our list that is made especially for men. It is made with a mixture of stainless steel and ceramic materials for its casing, making it long-lasting for future needs. Its band, made with alligator leather, will deliver the utmost comfort you are looking for in a luxury wristwatch.

The dimension of its round casing is 44 millimeters in diameter. The movement has a caliber Heuer 02 and an automatic type with a reserve of 80 hours for emergencies. The water-resistant feature also allows you to submerge below 100 meters.

Monaco Calibre Heuer Automatic Black Dial Men’s Watch

The final wristwatch in this list is the model CBL2113.BA0644 is another square type of wristwatch that is made for men. It has a steel case and steel band, which have silver in color. The dial also has a magnificent take on having a black color making it more attractive paired with the overall silver color of the case and band.


Every wristwatch manufacturer has its way of conveying designs on different types of wristwatches. Always make sure that you are choosing a suitable wristwatch that can be useful in your daily activities. It can also be a good thing to explore more about the TAG Heuer brand to learn more about their brand.