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AC Ducts Cleaning for Your Home or Office

Dubai’s AC Ducts Cleaning Service is among the most important maintenance services – in both commercial and residential buildings. We pride ourselves on our ability to get rid of hazardous particles that build up inside your air ducts and water heater.

A word from the expert

Ronald, an Experienced AC technician at Edge Integrated Technical Services, said while explaining the drawbacks of dirty ducts, “When your cooling and heating ducts are clogged, there are a few things that can start happening. First, you may not be able to get air to and from the rooms of your home. Secondly, you may experience higher energy bills due to higher cooling and heating costs. Thirdly, you may begin to have health problems from breathing in unhealthy pollutants that can be found in the air in your home.” He further added, “We have an experienced and dedicated team of specialists who know exactly where to look for damage and what to do about it. Our highly skilled duct cleaners can eliminate nearly all traces of grit, dirt, and dust from your air duct system.”

How is AC Duct cleaning Performed?

A major part of the job in terms of AC Ducts Cleaning in Dubai includes the use of the Rotobrush machine to clean air ducts and then the use of the sanitizer to sanitize ducts. The Rotobrush machine used is an extremely powerful air duct cleaning device that is capable of removing 99% of all airborne pollutants and contaminants. Rotobrush units are ideal for both residential and commercial use because they are easy to install and very effective in their work. Many people are amazed at how clean their air becomes when they first turn on their air conditioning or water heater.

Our Dubai duct cleaners have many different styles of maintenance available for you. One is called ‘micro-bore,’ where we inject a fine mist of water into your air ducts to keep them clear and clean. Micro-bore is a non-intrusive process that does not harm the interior of your home. It is also a very inexpensive maintenance solution.

Another maintenance method that is available for our AC Ducts Cleaning Services is ‘deep cleaning’. This process involves a complete cleaning of your air ducts through the use of a Rotobrush machine. This is ideal if you are having trouble locating dirt or grime because it is an in-home procedure that is easy to accomplish.

For this service, a professional team of AC Ducts Cleaning Services technicians will use an industrial compressor to suck up all of the dirt and debris in your air ducts. The compressor sucks up all of the dirt and debris so that it can be sent out in the form of a fine mist to a collection point located deep in your home or office.

Once the dirt has been sent to the collection point, it is then passed through a collection bin where it will be dried for storage until it’s discarded. A new microfiber bag is placed over the dust that was collected from the collection bin so that it can be discarded safely.

Another maintenance option is called ‘vacuum stripping’. Vacuum strip involves using high-pressure air to suck up the dirt from the air and replace it with new microfibre material. This method is much like the ‘micro-bore’ process except that it is much more efficient at its task of cleaning your air ducts and water system than the way it was done in the past.


We always recommend consulting with your AC Ducts Cleaning Services team before taking any maintenance options such as these. It is important that you do a little research and finds out what they recommend for your needs.

You may find that certain types of cleaning are more cost-effective than others, and you may need to change the method of cleaning your AC Ducts if the previous method is no longer working. Remember, this is your home, and you want it to be as comfortable as possible, so make sure you choose a service that is best suited to your particular requirements.

It would help if you also made regular maintenance checkups to ensure that everything is working efficiently. If there are leaks in your home or office, you should get those repaired immediately. It is also important that you make sure that you are not letting loose debris build up in your HVAC system because this can be a real health risk for you and your family.

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