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Major Factors That Affect Your Home Exterior Paint

The exterior of a home tells a lot about the overall value of the property. Hence, maintaining the exterior paint fresh is all what a homeowner needs, if he/she desires a good resale value. So, what factors affect your home exterior paint?

Remember, you need to be proactive in order to preserve your exterior paint. Because even a little bit of damage affects the overall exterior look. After making sure that you have done exterior painting the right way, you need to be in regular checking for surprise wear and tears.

In order to make sure that you have done exterior painting in a right manner, you need to Hire Professional Painters to get the job done.

Out of many factors we shortlist the major factors affecting your overall curb appeal.

  • Poor-Quality Paint

A poor-quality paint starts fading up in just weeks after applying. Investing in high-quality paint is a must to cause your exterior self-maintain itself for a long time.

Use paint products that are specifically designed for your region’s climate. This little step can make a significant difference in the lifespan and performance of your exterior paint.

Furthermore, you can choose paints with extra added durability, retention of color, and colors with enhanced resistance to fading and cracking.

  • Regional Climate Considerations

Just like you take along a hat while going out in sunny days, you have to take proper precautions before actually choosing the type and even color of the exterior paint.

Climate varies dramatically from region to region, from beings hot in the north and being cold in the southern parts of the earth. Depending upon it, the humidity levels of the region play an important role in longevity of a paint coat.

Consider taking precautions for humidity levels, sunlight intensity, rainfall cycle, and further temperature fluctuations before choosing the type and color of your exterior paint.

Remember that some colors are by nature more durable and sunlight resistant than others. Which means you have to choose the color for your exterior mindfully, to minimize its risk of fading due to sunlight.

  • UV Exposure

Just like climatic considerations, you to take appropriate precautions to prevent your exterior paint from UV Exposure.

Like climate, the intensity of UV rays varies from region to region. It is not only about the intensity of UV rays, but also about the time been spent in continuous exposure. Which is because, varies upon regions, some regions experience more sun time than others.

Hence, it is smart choice to invest in paints that have significantly enhanced UV-resistant properties. This will ensure the exterior paint remain vibrant for longer period of time.

  • Quality Of Building Materials

The type and quality of the building material you use for your exterior will play a major role in the longevity of the paint on it.

Remember that it is not just texture of paint but also its life is influenced by the type of exterior materials.

You have to choose paint types that are specific for certain type of building materials. No matter, whether you are using wood, brick, stucco, or siding, opt to choose paint type that is formulated for specific paint surfaces.

This will not only increase the longevity but also the vibrancy of you chooses paint color.

  • Poor Surface Preparation

This is an actual professional painter way to exterior painting. The quality of a paint coat on a poorly prepared surface and a coat on a properly prepared surface varies significantly.

In case, you are going for DIY exterior paint, then do thorough cleaning of the surface before painting and only then you are ready to exterior paint your house.

You can hire or consult with a professional painter to guide you with surface preparation before exterior painting.

  • House Dimensions

House Dimensions may not directly affect the exterior paint, but surely affect it indirectly. House with larger surface areas require more of the job of professional painters than small surfaces.

It requires more of the detailed surface preparation before actual exterior painting. Afterward, it requires proper coverage of the paint coat to make it look balanced overall. If done improperly, it will cause premature wear and degradation.

Likewise, larger surface is more in continuous exposure of sun, so if you use poor quality paint it will tear down in the matter of weeks.

Furthermore, sometimes the architecture of the house makes it hard to paint it correctly, leaving you with uneven paint coats which will lead to premature fading.

In short, you need professional painters to increase the life of your exterior paint.

  • Need Professional Painters?

Professional work is what your exterior need to maintain itself and minimize the factors affect the exterior paint.

Do you need professional painters in Melbourne, Australia?

Expert Paint Melbourne, enables you to hire the best Painters Melbourne to get your exterior and interior painting done, timely and professionally.

Give your exterior a fresh coat of paint to re-breathe life into your property.

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