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How to make Biology Easy in Class 11?

If you are going through this article, then it is pretty obvious that you just entered class 11. You must have realized how that small science subject has taken a much wider view now. It has many interesting and important concepts and chapters that can now be studied in detail. The biology part can be hard to remember for some of you. For this subject, NCERT is the recommended book. NCERT Books Class 11 Biology can be easily available in any book store. If you are not a CBSE student then also NCERT is a must for biology subjects. In this case, you can easily download the pdf of the book through various websites. Go through this article to know some of the tips and hacks that can be used to help you make biology a little easier.

Detailed pattern 

Since you have come across such a broad subject for the first time, it is important to have a detailed analysis of your syllabus. You can easily write down the syllabus and to make it easier, highlight the topics that you might be interested in. Try to learn and know the basics of these topics first. Once you get confidence in the subject then you can shift to the topic that you might think can be difficult.

Go through various questions

In biology, a single sentence of NCERT can be framed into a variety of questions. So you must know the basics, and try to go through as many questions as you can. The best thing that can be done is the questions that are frequently repeated can be written in the NCERT itself. So that next time you read the chapter all the questions will also come to your mind.


Biology requires a lot of time and devotion, as it has a lot to learn. You can even end up getting confused between two similar concepts. To avoid this use highlighters and flashcards so that you can learn in a faster way. It is scientifically proven that creative and good things tend to retain in our minds for a longer time. So try to be more creative while making notes and flashcards.

Peak time

It is important to know what are your peak hours. During that time you will end up learning the concept and memorizing stuff in a better way. If it is the morning time, then try to get up early and go through the concepts that you are most confused between. Always carry important flashcards so that you can look at them during your free time. Don’t devote your peak hours to revision make sure that you learn new concepts at that time.

Time management

You should also realize that there is not only biology but other subjects should also be given importance. This is the reason time management plays a crucial role here. You cannot just sit with biology the whole day. Devote almost equal time and effort to all the subjects for a better result. Biology can be said as a subject that has to be learned by heart then only you can ace it. Therefore try to maintain a proper schedule for all the subjects and make sure you follow it by default.


Biology is a subject that needs proper revision if you want to pertain the concepts in your permanent memory. Make sure you have selected a day for revision. On that day just go through the old concepts that you think you might have forgotten. Another thing that can be done is that every night just write some important points and concepts that you learn and check how much you can remember. After writing them down go back to the topic to check the things that you might have missed. Write them down and highlight them.

Division of syllabus

Before the exams make sure you have divided your syllabus, this will make the process easier. You can easily devote time for revision also. If you have a few months left then you can start by completing the topics that are your weak points. If you will leave them for later then you might not have time to complete them properly. During your study time, you can always take some time for your strong topic and revise them. This way your strong topics will also ve revised simultaneously.

Previous questions

PYQs always play an important role in the learning process. You can always separate the long answers questions so that you don’t forget to revise them at the end. It is generally seen that the long five marks are always somewhat the same with the same concept. So, if your basics are strong then you can easily write about them even if they come in a little twisted way. NCERT is the best book for concept clarification and is written in very easy language. Thus should be read thoroughly, multiple times.

Claas notes

Make sure you are attentive in the class, this way you will not have to devote extra effort to learn the concepts again. Most of the questions in the exams can be easily solved by the way your teachers must have taught you in the class. If you think it is too difficult to remember things, try making mnemonics which can be helpful. Preparing the notes in the class and also during self-studies can reduce a lot of effort at the end.


You will get to learn many new things that will be helpful as well as interesting, Biology is a subject that you can yourself relate which makes it, even more, easier to remember them. Some of the tips that are mentioned above can be quite useful for you and will surely help you in the exams. But it should be remembered that irrespective of the board you are ib NCERT should always be learned by heart. You might not realize it at this moment, but if you will read the NCERT multiple times then you can very easily solve almost all the questions with ease.

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