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How to make Pillow Boxes with Card Board Material
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How to make Pillow Boxes with Card Board Material 

Pillow Boxes are becoming popular day by day. This is because people are fed up with the conventional cubical style of the packaging. Many brands are also trying to shift to these packages form the conventional one. But many people prefer to make them at home to give their customers enhanced experience. Let us show you the complete guide on how you can make them at home easily.

Decide about the design

This is the foremost step in manufacturing the Custom Pillow Boxes. This is because it is going to have an impact on different steps later in the process. You can choose different types of designs or illustrations on the internet that you want to print on the cardboard sheet. When done, it is time to print hat design on the sheet. For this purpose, you can get the services of professionals, or if you have a printer, it is going to help you.

custom pillow boxes

Select the size of the package

Size is the second most important thing, and it can influence every step in the manufacturing process of Pillow Boxes USA. It is vital to learn about the precise size that you want to have. If it is going to be small or large? Here we are going to have a medium one, but you can also make large size pillow Boxes following these steps. We will have a package that has 10 cm length, 5 cm in height, and 5 cm height. This is a mid-sized package.

Collect all the required materials

It is inevitable to gather all the required materials in advance. This is because people who do not have these things in advance face difficulty during the manufacturing process. The materials that you require are a scissor, pencil, scale, glue, tape, or any decorative material you need. You do not want to forget the cardboard sheet, right?

Print or draw the lines

Here comes the functional step of the manufacturing process of Custom Display Pillow Boxes. All you need is to draw lines on the cardboard sheet. We will recommend doing it on the computer and then print on the sheet. But you can also draw the lines with the help of a pencil. For this purpose, you are going to have a round thing like a CD, or a big cap, etc. this will make the curve line that you need to make the pillow package. As we recommend designing on PC, you can get many templates from the internet for this purpose. Choose any of them and resize them according to your need.

Cut precisely

Here is the time to cut the cardboard sheet to make Discounted Pillow Boxes. This step is vital as a minor mistake here can lead to the failure of the entire process. Here you are going to cut the curves you have made in the previous step. Cut precisely around the lines by using a sharp scissor. Some people prefer a knife, so the choice is yours. When you have done cutting, we can move to the next step.

Folding needs special care

This is a crucial step in the manufacturing process. Be careful when folding as any mistake can lead to the bad shape of the Custom Printed Pillow BoxesFold all the lines but start from the middle ones. Then you can fold the curved one that is going to give it a pillow shape. One side will have an exceeded cardboard that you need to fold inwards that is going to be used for fixing the packaging. Now you can move to the next step in this process.

Gluing and taping

Here comes the final step if you do not want to decorate the package. You need to glue all the sides except one that you want as an opening. Glue them and then tape firmly till the glue dries. After the glue is dried, you can remove those tapes. Many people want to buy these packages from Pillow Boxes Wholesale dealer. But after seeing these easy steps, you will not bother as you will be able to make them at home.

Paste decorative materials (optional)

This is an optional step in this process. If you want to decorate your Customized packaging Pillow Boxes, you can use different types of decorating materials on them. Like a ribbon is a wonderful option in this regard. Cardboard made characters or other things also enhance their looks. You cannot get this option when you buy Mini Pillow Boxes Wholesale. This is a great thing that you can do at home.

Pillow Boxes are one of the most elegant packaging types all over the globe. This is because many businesses are preferring them due to their unique shape. We have shown you a complete and comprehensive guide on how you can make them at home easily.

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