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How To Make the Most Of A Small Garden

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Even if you have a small garden or yard, it does not necessarily mean that you cannot be creative with it to produce a space that you can enjoy. After all, as the saying goes, good things come in small packages. In fact, small garden spaces actually come with their own perks in that they do not require masses of maintenance, and making even small changes can have a big impact on their overall outcome.

By utilizing some of the tricks and tips listed below, anyone can make their garden, yard, terrace, or patio and outside space that they enjoy spending time in.

Use The Sun

Where the sun tracks over the space throughout the day has a direct impact on where plants, flowers, grass, and vegetables will grow in your garden. For those people that are not overly green-fingered, they may want to use the tracking of the sun to know where they want to set up their garden furniture. You can check outdoor furniture UK here. This shows that no matter how you plan on using your outside space, the sun plays an important role in how you can make the most of it.

Use The Walls Or Fences

When floor space is at a premium in a garden, you should consider using the fences and/or walls as space for growing plants, flowers, or even herbs. Whilst opting for those plants that will climb up the walls or fencing is an obvious choice, there is also the option to go for wall pouches or hanging baskets instead. Not only will this help to make the most of the limited space that you have, but it will also add a bit more interest, color, and height to your garden.

Use Plant Pots

For any small garden space, plant pots are a must-have thing. In fact, balconies and terraces are the only viable option for adding some greenery to space. Rather than mixing and matching different colors and materials of pots, go for a single color and material. So that you have something to look at in them all year round, go for some evergreen plant. That way, your garden space will look good for all of the year and not just in the summer months. Having all of your plants provides a certain level of flexibility and can be easily moved around. For instance, if you want to put out an extra chair or some other piece of garden furniture, then you can easily move some pots around to make space.

Use Lights

When the dark winter nights start to draw in, most people cannot use or even see their garden space due to a lack of light. By adding garden lighting, it means that whilst you still may not be able to use it because of the cold temperatures, you will be able to appreciate the view at least a bit better.

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