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What Makes Custom Retail Boxes are a Valuable Investment?

What Makes Custom Retail Boxes are a Valuable Investment? 

There are thousands of online retail stores in the United States alone, so no wonder why custom mailer boxes are more important than ever. But with so many online merchants out there, how do you distinguish your brand or store from the rest?

The sheer number of online stores and brands makes it pretty easy to presume that distinguishing your brand is more complicated than brain surgery. But a high percentage of customers prefer to buy again from a brand that encases and ship their product in premium wholesale mailer boxes.

And considering the ferocious competition in the digital marketplace, custom mailer box packaging is now proving to be the deciding factor for customers. Meaning, you don’t have to be a well-established name to witness high sales. You can make a name for your brand and generate more revenue if you have the right packaging.

What you need is a packaging solution that instantly grasps potential customers’ attention. And the good news is designing one is not as hard as having brain surgery. Phew!

Custom Mailer Boxes are Visible Secret Weapons

Wondering how custom mailer boxes can be your visible secret weapons? Well, they are visible to the eye, but since they have different levels of multi-functionality, it adds a layer of secrecy. For example, custom printed mailer boxes:

  • Keeps the products safe throughout their journey.
  • Grab attention with the interesting brand story.
  • Provide necessary information.
  • Amplifies the perceived value.

A packaging that can sway customers’ buying behavior is a powerful asset and should be a part of your arsenal. Still not sure? Let’s dig deep to show you why custom mailer boxes are a win/win solution for your business.

E-commerce Packaging is 100 Percent Customizable

No matter whether your goods are big or small, mailer boxes can be morphed to fit your unique needs. You can tailor every inch of your mailer box to display and protect your items exquisitely.

That said, size is not the only thing that counts. Ordering custom mailer boxes mean you can add anything to make your containers stand out. The options are limitless, especially when you work in conjunction with a professional packaging firm like the Legacy Printing.

Lure New Customers and Turn Them into Brand Advocates

Many customers have avowed that they buy again from an online store because of their packaging. This shows that a well-designed mailer boxes wholesale supply can go a long way in serving your brand and registering more sales.

Additionally, 50 percent of the customers said that good packaging encourages them to recommend a business to their friend. In short, harnessing the power of custom printed mailer boxes help turn customers into raving fans who:

  • Share their online purchases with the social community.
  • Make repeat purchases from your store.
  • Recommend others to buy from your business.


Quality Mailer Boxes Wholesale Supply Increases Perceived Value

Premium packaging boxes immensely increases product value. About 44 percent of the customers agree that high-quality packages allow brands and retailers to reinforce the value of the item. To be precise, a premium packaging box makes customers feel they have purchased a valuable product from a high-end retailer.

By investing in custom mailer boxes, you can significantly boost your profit margins. At the same time, you are offering customers a better shopping experience.

Bespoke Mailer Boxes and Word of Mouth Marketing

User-generated content on social platforms is gaining popularity with every passing day. And, 68 percent of the millennials believe that user-created content says a lot about the quality of your brand. That’s why 40 percent of the buyers share pictures of their online purchases, which depicts that bespoke mailer packaging is a necessity.

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