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MBA Essay Tips for Successful Application

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A lot of students experience some nervousness when it comes to MBA applications. They try to imagine what they can do to be successful when writing MBA essays.

This article is going to cover MBA essay tips for successful application and also look into what the committee that does the admission look for.

The reason why business schools ask for essays is they are trying to take in students that are the best fit for the MBA program, which includes abilities and qualities.

One of the first things that the admission office looks at is how well you can write. Your ability to communicate in English as well as conciseness, simplicity, manner, and eloquence. These are necessary characteristics that one should have when applying for an MBA.

One way the admissions office will get to gauge your writing capability is by penning down a sample. They will be looking at how well you hit the nail on the head without writing unnecessary words. This will not only be required in college but also the business world overall.

On the MBA essay, the board will be looking out for how you put forth a thought out, not just what has been written down. This helps them connect with the applicant in a personal capacity. They would be looking at how you deliberate on hurdles you reflectively faced in the past. Do you have a clear vision of your objectives and how you identify yourself? How you respond to queries about you, your job, and your drive will help the board determine your objective analysis and individual knowledge.

As a matter of fact, a group of professional essay writers can help you not only recognize where your strong points and weak points lie, but we will also make a study plan that is tailored made just for you and take you through the training and exercises, and change your training strategy to match your improvements.

8 Effective Tips to Make Your MBA Essay Application Successful

The paper should be written to an individual when writing an essay to some people; it can be an uphill task. When you watch interviews done before the admission board of the college you have chosen, visualize that the essay is being written to one specific person. This is more practical than having to write to a faceless panel. The writing becomes easier and more personalized.

  1. The paper should be uncomplicated. Not only MBA essays but any paper that one wants to write should not be complicated. Avoid using too many words to explain a point in which you could have used fewer words. Let it speak to the audience directly and make it easy.
  2. Be careful with the “be” verbs. When you are writing an MBA essay, the paper is supposed to be showing a panel what qualities you possess rather than telling them about you and your lifetime. When the essay has many “be” verbs, the writer comes out as a weak writer. The writer should instead use appropriate narratives backed up by proof when writing. This will clearly show (rather than tell) the writer’s life.
  3. Avoid overdramatization. The admission board is only interested in how well you put a point across. You might be skilled at writing good prose, but when it comes to MBA essays, avoid this and use complicated grammar and overusing adjectives. The MBA is preparing you for work-life, and trust me, all you need to survive out there is Excel and PowerPoint. Just be brief and hit the nail on the head, and make the story relevant to any person reading it.
  4. Recite your article. When you recite your article, you are not only editing it, but you are ascertaining that what you are about to submit hits the target. When reciting it out loud, you will catch the grammatical errors that may be there. If you come across a part where you blundered as you were reading, mark those places as they may need revision. As you are reading it, remember the script should be straightforward.
  5. Look for motivation before starting. When you are in a foul mood, and you want to start writing, it will probably turn out to be an uphill task. It would help if you looked for something that will motivate you to write. Watch a movie that you like, look for TED Talk podcasts and listen to them, take a walk and connect with nature, or make a phone call to someone you like talking to, whatever will stimulate your imagination.
  6. Look inside you to disclose what is truly inside you. The MBA essay application should consist of transformational instances that have happened in your lifetime. Zero in on your point of view, frame of mind, reasoning, and inspiration. The person reading needs to know your thought process and feelings at that particular time and how you overcame the hurdle at that juncture. This is a way of making the essay relatable because the person reading it see how your journey was and can see the decisions you made and how it affected the outcome.
  7. If it doesn’t work out the first time, start afresh

Starting afresh is frankly not an easy task. When writing an essay, you spend many hours researching and writing, so when you think about starting afresh, it depresses you. However, there are instances when this has to be done. I know it can be agonizing and infuriating, but for your piece to be well written, sometimes it has to be done.

As much as writing an MBA application essay can cause anxiety, anyone who follows the above tips are bound to write a good essay. Doing some relaxation exercise that refreshes one’s mind before sitting down to pen down anything is a good start point. Remember not to use complex vocabulary or be too wordy. Keep it plain and get to the point so the reader can easily understand you.

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