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How to Meet the Expectations of the Tenants Renting Your Property

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If you are the property owner of a rental property, then you must meet the expectations of your tenants, whether they are long-term renters or short-term renters. Short-term renters are usually renters of vacation rental homes and rent for a period shorter than six months. Long-term tenants’ expectations will be much different from short-term tenants, but whichever type you have, it is important to be able to meet their expectations. You can list your property for free at As it offers the most convenient way to find tenants for mid to long-term stay.

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The Location of Your Property

First and foremost, the location of your property should meet the expectations of your tenants. If you have a vacation rental for temporary tenants, then it is important that the location of the property is somewhere desirable. For the most part, this should be somewhere where there are a lot of tourists and travelers coming through often. This means that this could be somewhere in the mountains, on a beach, or even just in a city that sees many tourists, such as many cities in Florida.

When it comes to long-term tenants, the location is likely going to be different than a vacation rental. Your normal rental property should be located within a good neighborhood, with access to several forms of entertainment, such as movie theaters, parks, and malls. It should also be in a location that has a good school district and where there is job growth. These factors are what attracts families, meaning people who are looking for a place to settle down.

The Amenities of Your Property

In addition to the location of your property, the amenities that your property has to offer also must meet the expectations of your tenants. When it comes to both short-term and long-term renters, the amenities are pretty much the same. You need all of the basic rooms in a home (living room, kitchen, bathroom(s), and bedrooms, etc.), and also a functioning air conditioning/heating system.. Vacation rentals may need extra things like a TV/cable, and internet connection for entertainment, whereas these amenities will be provided by the tenants of a long-term rental. Rental properties can get pretty expensive, but there are loans to help finance a rental property.

Now whether you are the owner of a short-term or long-term rental, it is always necessary that you make sure that all of these amenities are working properly. This is especially true for short-term tenants. You should do the same for long-term tenants, and since they will be living on the property longer, some amenities may break down over time. As the property owner/landlord of a rental property, it is your responsibility to make sure that any and all malfunctioning amenities and appliances are properly repaired and maintained, per the tenants’ requests.

The Overall Look of Your Property

This goes back to when potential tenants are looking for a property to rent. First, you will want your property to be clean and neat, on both the inside and the outside. If it is an older property, there may need to be some renovations done before you can rent it. Decor isn’t too important when you’re renting to long-term tenants because they will be able to decorate the home as they please.

On the other hand, you will have to put more effort into the decor of a vacation rental. Choose simple, but popular decor and furniture in order to attract potential renters. It is also important that you thoroughly clean your entire property between all of your short-term tenants. Because maintaining a rental property (of any type) can be a daunting task, many people enlist the help of professional property managers.


Once you have met all of these expectations, be sure to also keep an open line of communication with your tenants— both short-term renters and long-term renters. Communication is the key to having successful relationships, even in professional relationships

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