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Melody Hurd Age, Parents, Height & interesting facts

Melody Heard is a talented young actress and model with a bright future. She has appeared in them as Gracie Emory, Battle at Big Rock as Kadasha, Trick as Janice, and Battle at Big Rock as Gracie Emory, in addition to Fatherhood.In the television drama Them, she was played by Livia Lucky Emory and Henry Emory’s daughter. More information about Melody Heard can be found in the sections below.

What is Melody Heard’s net worth?

Melody Heard has also been in numerous films and TV episodes, including We Are Washington, Truck, and Entertainment Tonight, as well as Battle at Big Rock. His net worth is believed to be $200,000.

As a result of his early and successful performing career, the phenomenal child actor has earned this fortune. She is so wealthy at such a young age that she is more interested in pursuing an acting career than pursuing a professional career. Her acting is so natural it seems like she was born to do it.

How is Melody Heard’s personal life?

Melody Heard’s excellent acting skills have won countless audiences. Currently, she is living the dreams of many. He is currently busy with his thriving acting career. She also maintains her focus on her school work.

Meeting new people, interacting with friends and family, and portraying diverse roles on stage are all things the young actress appreciates. A brilliant child actress, Melody likes to spend time with her family and travel to new places. His family spent three months in Montreal, Canada in 2020.

Melody Heard’s Career:

Melody Heard began participating in child modeling competitions. She started her modeling career as a child model and participated in several children’s modeling programs and live performances.Melody, a young child actress, also attended the JWJ fashion show in Atlanta, Georgia. She has also featured in a few magazine articles. Melody Heard first appeared on television in 2017 on the show We Are Washington.

She was then cast as Kadisha in the 2019 short film Battle at Big Rock. He played Janice in Battle at Big Rock, Truck as Janice, and Gracie Emory in The. She then starred as Maddy Logelin in the Netflix film Fatherhood.Heard plays the daughter of actor and comedian Kevin Hart in the Netflix film Fatherhood. His mother dies unexpectedly a day after his birth and he is left in the care of his father. In the film, which depicts the life of a single parent, the two have a father-daughter relationship. Jack Messina and Dante Pereira Olsen, like Heard, another great American child actor, have had interesting careers.


Melody Heard is a famous dancer who was born on October 30, 2011 in Maryland. Melody Heard is a black woman with an American passport. Melody Heard’s biological parents are passionate about her profession. Nisha Hurd and Fred Hurd are Melody’s real parents. His parents are devoted to him and are always there for him.Heard’s mother, Nisha Heard, is a model and Internet celebrity. He has two siblings Lyric Hurd and Rhythm Hurd. Her older sister, Lyric Hurd, is also an actress who has appeared in films such as Manifest, Mozart in the Jungle, and Secrets.

Melody’s family lives in the Washington, DC metropolitan area, and she is a highly regarded child actress. In her hometown, she attends a local school. Melody, a young child actor, is also pursuing her acting career. Melody is a popular child actress and model in the United States today.Instagram model and dancer who rose to the heights of fame as a result of her popularity on the social media platform. Melody rose to prominence after her appearance at the JWJ Fashion Show in Atlanta, Georgia.