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How Men Can Take Care of Skin While Staying In Delhi

When it comes to skincare, most people think of women spending hours in salons. But you need to understand that even men need to take care of their skin in order to maintain it well.

The requirement for this increases in cities like Delhi, where the environmental conditions are harsh. That is why we have brought some useful skin care tips for men living in Delhi. So they won’t have to deal with any skin problems in the long term.


#1 Take Help From Bajaj Finserv Healthcare

The very first step towards skin care is to contact a Dermatologist in Delhi. Being the domain’s expert, they will first examine your skin. They will then provide you with appropriate solutions TO Take Care of Skin according to your unique skin condition and requirements.

If you follow their guidance, you will see a positive difference in your skin within no time. Plus, you can take help from Bajaj Finserv Healthcare here to get hassle-free consultations and treatments.


#2 Use Sunscreen

The harsh rays of the sun xslot affect every skin equally. For this reason, the use of sunscreen shouldn’t be limited to women. You also need to find a suitable sunscreen as per your skin type and use it every day to protect your skin from tan and sun damage. This will also help you avoid untimely skin aging as the sunscreen will safeguard your skin. A few factors you need to consider while using sunscreen are:


  • Firstly, you need to find the correct SPF. Most experts recommend at least SPF 30. But if your sun exposure is excessive, you should opt for higher SPFs for better results.
  • You need to apply sunscreen at least 15 minutes before going out. This will provide enough time for the cream to settle and create a protective layer.
  • Lastly, the ingredients in the sunscreen shouldn’t irritate your skin. You can ask your Dermatologist in Delhi for recommendations here.


#3 Don’t Forget CTM

CTM stands for Cleansing, Toning, and Moisturizing. This routine is crucial for men, just like it is for women. However, before you begin with CTM, you first need to pick suitable products according to your individual skin requirements. If you don’t have any idea about the ingredients, you can ask your Dermatologist.

They will be able to guide you the best because they thoroughly analyze your skin. Thus, they know what can work for you and what can’t. In case you know your skin type, you can search online for what kind of products will suit your skin.


Don’t forget to take help from Aarogya Plans Bajaj Finserv Health in this process.


#4 Exfoliation Is A Must

The little pores on your skin tend to get filled up with dirt and pollution. This can cause severe trouble, especially when you live in a city like Delhi, where pollution levels are high. If you don’t wish to deal with skin problems, you should include exfoliation into your daily skincare routine.

The scrub here will help clean your pores so that they won’t clog or cause acne and dull skin issues. Further, it will make your skin glow and look more youthful. But just like CTM, even here, you need to pick a gentle and suitable scrub.


#5 Lips Are Also Important

You are incredibly wrong if you think your lips are already okay. The skin on your lips is more delicate than on your face. That is why they tend to peel, chap, and tan more easily. The only solution here is to use good lip balm. If you spend additional time in the sun, you can also opt for SPF lip balms that will keep the tan away from your lips.



We hope all these factors will help you take care of your skin in Delhi. Do remember here to seek help from Aarogya Plans Bajaj Finserv Health from the beginning if you want the best guidance for your skin from the most reliable dermatologists.


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