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Method to paint house exterior and the staircases

There are a few things to think about so you don’t get nasty in anger. The exterior of the house is exposed to various weather conditions and stairs are more susceptible to breakage. So pay special attention to these two parts of the house when painting.

Keep the walls under pressure.

The weather causes large amounts of dust and dirt to accumulate outside the home. Then use a high-pressure cleaner to wash the wall from top to bottom to remove dirt or debris. It is better to proceed in a controlled manner and start from the top and work your way down the house.

repairing damaged areas.

Not surprisingly, there will be damaged areas outside the home. Epoxy filler can be applied in these areas. When the filler is completely dry, lightly scrape the sanding block to a smooth finish. But there are those who use architectural tick-pointing services if they are not satisfied with the finish.

Take light colors.

After the exterior is completely dry, walk around the house and see if the paint is sticky or loose. Lay the garment on the ground wherever the paint seems loose or loose. Use a paint scraper or sand block to remove the sticky paint.

calculated expression

If you find gaps between doors, windows, and the house, use a calculator or outdoor calculator to fill in the blanks. If your home is made of mixed materials such as glass and siding, add some calcite where the two materials meet.

Beware of prime stains

Find the color outside. Apply a stain-preventing primer to the area before painting.

Protect windows, lights, doors and other fixed installations.

Cover fixtures such as doors, windows, bulbs and light fixtures with masking tape or plastic before painting begins.

Give the exterior paint.

When painting the exterior, start with a paint sprayer. Depending on your needs you can fill an eggshell or flat exterior paint with paint spray and apply one or two coats. Start at the top and go down in a smooth and controlled manner. If the color is the same as the previous color, a primer coating is not required.

Painting stairs

Check that stairs are not available. So add a non-slip additive to the paint to give it extra traction. When meeting with the trapezio gang, painter’s tape will be applied to the walls on each side of the stairs to prevent splashes and brush stroke damage.

If the staircase is wooden, use a large Brussels brush to paint in the direction of the wood veins. Rollers are best for cement stairs.