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Method to Wear Rings of biker

Biker rings have gone far beyond traditional jewelry. Today it is also an essential accessory for many men who have never ridden a motorcycle. However, it would be a mistake to grab the first trendy suitcase that comes your way and put it on your finger. The first thing you need to think about is what message you want to convey with your ring and how it fits with your aesthetic. Then choose the right finger to show off the rider’s jewelry, as it’s a non-verbal way to express your personality traits. In this post, we will give you some tips on putting on a biker ring.

Color combinations

Stylists say you shouldn’t mix gold and silver rings. In addition, it is common in the biker community to ignore gold and wear silver (optional – steel). So forget yellow metal? No, not really.

The truth is, you can choose any material if it matches your personality and cohesively complements your image. If you like biker rings in a gold finish, nothing can stop you. A gold and silver ring would be a compromise solution. We say it has a silver cover and gold accent, which is enough to grab attention. At the same time, being able to live within the motorcycle culture.

New materials such as titanium and tungsten carbide can also be explored. They resemble silver or platinum in their natural form. Also, when it comes to finishes, they offer many options – blue, blue, red, green; smooth, brushy, fancy; The list goes on and on. Modern biker fashion is a compromise between innovation and established traditions.

Choose an important symbol.

Each symbol has a meaning, even multiple meanings, and you need to choose one that resonates with you. It is a mistake to think that if everyone around you wears a skull, you should do the same. All you have to do is find a symbol that you like because of its shape, but first because of its meaning. If you can’t live without motion, choose related images: wings, motorcycles, flames, wind, etc. If you desire luck, enough symbols will be useful: horse shows, fire leaf triangles, lucky numbers, and so on But it is .

If you decide to go with scalpel jewelry, carefully do not wear jewelry. This has to do with the diversity of meanings and you can focus on the meanings that have an emotional impact on you. Skulls are known to represent death, danger, life, resurrection, wisdom, friendship and many other concepts. There’s something in the skull worth hitting right with you; Something like this will definitely add value to your ring.

Choose the right finger.

Men who wear jewelry on their fingers want attention. Being a motorcycle rider means standing above the jockey’s average, and that means we welcome an unconventional approach when we put on the ring. The only practical reason not to decorate your thumb – gripping the handlebars can injure the ring.

A men’s ring on the index finger vaguely proclaims the will of its owner and his desire to suppress it. This is especially true if the ring is on the right side. Thus, men who show off their rings would rather order them than follow them. Even with good friends, they try to be leaders. Meeting such people can be difficult.

Psychologists believe that confident and independent people wear rings on their middle fingers. Such a ring may indicate that he is a successful man who has achieved many things on his own. In addition, this finger is often adapted to family heritage. A gift of motorcycle rings from a friend in the biker community or family from a previous generation can double as an heirloom.

This ring is known to hold wedding rings. Biker Fashion offers its perspective on this type of jewelry. The carp relies on a symbol (the Japanese fish represents loyalty and family bonds), claddagh designs, gothic motifs as well as traditional love symbols seen through motorcycle goggles. A ring finger is a good choice if you want to get a ring other than a wedding ring. It’s your intelligence and ability to make quick decisions