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Metropolis Apocalypse: How To Prepare For The Worst Case Scenario In A Big City Like Bangkok

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With the recent COVID-19 pandemic, political unease across the world, the real and dire threat of global warming, and fuel & energy prices skyrocketing (to name a few unsettling goings-on), it’s safe to say that we live in fairly uncertain times.

Perhaps we’ve all seen a few too many apocalypses/end-of-the-world movies, however, some people can’t help shake the feeling that something bad is around the corner.

So, what do you do when you fear the future? Do you waste your time in fear of the unknown and allow it to negatively impact your quality of life? Or is there perhaps an alternative?

In this article, we’re going to talk about how to prepare for a ‘worst-case scenario’ when living in a big city like Bangkok. It’s purely hypothetical of course, but it can’t hurt to have a backup plan in place!

Plan an escape route

Naturally, if society were to break down for whatever reason, the first thing you’d want to do is to get out of the city. This isn’t necessarily going to be easy. So, make sure you have an escape plan in place.

Think about where you live in relation to the major transportation hubs and consider what may be the fastest and easiest routes out of the city. Just remember that everyone will be heading for the main highways, so consider alternate routes. Know your surroundings well!

You should also have a couple of “go-bags” packed and ready for such an event. You might be lucky and get plenty of warning so that you can leave Bangkok and head to one of the nearby islands, such as Koh Samet, for a safe harbor. Alternatively, you’ll need to make sure that you can survive comfortably in your own home – which calls for preparation.

Stockpile and produce your own food

The first and most important step to planning for disaster is stockpiling food. You want to have a pantry filled with non-perishable foods that will last you long enough. Be discreet and keep it to yourself.

Another great consideration is to start growing some of your own vegetables as well. This can be difficult to do in a smaller condo, but if you have plenty of wall space and a balcony, you can definitely start growing a healthy selection of greens.

It will also help to look up food storage and preservation tips!

Gather useful supplies

Medication, clean bottled water, flashlights, extra batteries, chargers, cash, and basic toiletries will be like gold dust in an apocalyptic scenario. The key to your survival might lie in keeping as many of these essentials stocked up as possible.

Live in a condominium complex

The fact is, luxury condominiums are actually well-suited to emergency situations. For example, they have backup generators, water collection on the roof, sanitation, security, and a host of other features and amenities that can serve you in a nightmare situation. Take the Knightsbridge Space Ratchayothin as an example; should disaster strike, being holed up in a safe and secure building will be of great benefit to you.

Stay positive

Again, the likelihood is that we’ve watched too many apocalypse movies, but where’s the harm in being prepared?

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