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What is Micromanagement? And How it ruins employee’s productivity

What is Micromanagement? And How it ruins employee’s productivity 

Micromanagement is a concept that creates stress and anxiety in any employee who is working with a supervisor and it is extremely hard to avoid and cope with. You might be newly hired on the job or perhaps being micromanaged by your boss. Whatever the circumstances and justification behind micromanaging, it creates anxiety and fear in the heart of an employee of not being able to provide the input and that will ruin the project at hand. Micromanaging might be necessary but a lot of managers do not realize that telling people constantly how to do their job can cause a plummeting of productivity.

Micromanaging Symptoms

There are various things a manager might be doing even unintentionally that is considered micromanaging and some of them are listed below.

  1. Your team does not discuss issues with you or ask necessary questions
  2. No one is grateful for your creative input
  3. You are wallowing in tasks that are low priority just because you think no one else can handle them.
  4. Your team s’ way of work and the culminated result is frustrating for you
  5. Projects have to go through multiple revisions and edits to get past you.
  6. Nothing is delivered unless it is approved by you.
  7. You feel like you cannot take a vacation because you must observe every single detail.

Why isn’t micromanaging successful?

The first thing that managers need to accept is that telling employees how to do their job is not wise at all. You can achieve the short term goal of things being done according to your preference with a huge amount of effort, yet it is at the expense of interrupting the smooth running of the workplace by itself. The trust you create in your employees is the most essential element and without things will tend to get overheated and will fall apart entirely at some point.


birth of micromanager

How much damage is caused by micromanaging?

  1. Poisons relationships at work

In an ideal workplace environment, the employee looks to their manager or employer as a mentor. They expect them to be helpful in assisting them to learn new skills and become a better person overall. They should be proud enough to use you for reference even if they move on to another job. Building their trust in yourself is the key to effective leadership.

  1. High turnover

If the relationship between employer and employees is fraying at the edges and gets too pressuring and stressful, the employees are bound to look for new employment opportunities. It is not pleasant to work for a slave driver for your whole life and that is what a micromanager becomes for their employees. You will have to spend large amounts of time and finance upon training fresh employees only to end up replacing them. There will be no loyalty amongst your team for you and when are required to rely on them there might be no one to help you out.

  1. Destroys Autonomy

Those workers who desperate or brave enough to still work under micromanaging will not fare better either. They will become docile and dependent without any spark of creativity or personal development. They will certainly be eager to please you but would be incapable of working on their own and handling situations by themselves. They will look to you for every decision but that will be due to fear and not respect. The work team will get weaker and weaker leading their career towards a stagnant and hopeless path.

  1. Creates Stress for the Manager

Delegation exists to help you out and for equal sharing of responsibilities. If all the work could be done by a single individual, then there would be no need to hire any employees. A team is made because it is necessary. Dictating some or most of the activities in the workplace means that the manager has to present and accounted for all the time. That leads to no sick leaves, holidays, or vacations. You will be the one working beyond your capacity and this creates extreme stress leading to the non-productivity of the whole department.

The Solution

After going through all these negative effects of micromanaging, any employee or team manager can see how harmful can it be for the overall productivity of a company. Give your employees some room and freedom to express their own ideas and use their own strategies to handle projects and they will turn out to be successful if you put trust and faith in their capabilities. Develop respect for yourself by respecting your employees.

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