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How To Mix And Match A Printed Sock With Your Outfit

How To Mix And Match A Printed Sock With Your Outfit 

It might sound simple, but buying the right sock can be very confusing just like buying an outfit that matches best with the occasion. There are no specific rules or a guide for buying the right pair or combination, but it is always advisable to match at least one part of your outfit, go for more bright and attractive colours and patterns to make it look subtle and stylish at the same time.

Instead of a flat and plain sock, a printed sock looks more creative and personalized. Clean and seamless, these socks come with different patterns and textures that are usually designed using a garment printing machine.

Here are a few suggestions you can follow when it comes to matching your printed socks with your outfit.

Make sure you are not mixing two different patterns at one go

Do not mix two things with the pattern at the same time. Like if you are planning to wear a patterned sock and your top also comes with soft patterns then it can become a monotonous look. But even if you want to go for a patterned look, do not go for alternate patterns.

Men usually wear plain and their pants are not patterned, mixing it with printed socks can make it look good overall.

Go for a contrasting look

If your outfit is usually worn in a single tone, then pairing it with a contrasting coloured sock can brighten up the look. Like if you are wearing a grey coloured suit then pairing with an orange-coloured sock can add a flash of colour to it. Trying a contrasting look can give you an edge and looks very unique as well.

A match to follow: socks with tie or pocket square

For complementing the overall look it is always better to go for a simple and subtle look. For men, you can match your sock with the colour of your tie or pocket square. Coordinate the patterns and try if you can match the colour with each other. This combination can look effortless and uplifts your whole look into something subtler and smarter.

Another match: go for a simple look by mixing pants and socks

To make a subtle flow match the tone of your pants with the sock to make the look consistent and simple. This combination keeps the tone of the colours inflow and looks safe on any occasion.

Choose the right shoes

Wearing the right shoes with the sock is also important. A pair of patterned socks gels up well with casual shoes, since a formal outfit with coloured socks will make the whole look absurd, so it is very essential to consider the colour of your shoe also while choosing the sock and outfit. Like, a formal black suit with brown leather shoes will not look good with red coloured socks. This is where creating the right harmony is important.

Go for cotton socks for breathability

While choosing material go for a cotton material that absorbs sweating and gives room for breathing. So while looking for a sock, always keep quality and design as a priority.

How to make sure that your socks match your outfit

Avoid clashing of different colours, instead, go for matching one tone of the outfit with your sock. However, if you want to add some flair you can even go for contrasting shades. For adding a balanced look, you can even combine the colour and pattern of a tie with the sock, pant with the sock, or pocket square with the sock, these are some of the combinations that are simple and subtle.

Do not always choose white coloured sock, go for something different, and take into consideration how your sock incorporates the shoes.

To sum up

While buying a sock there many things that need to be considered, like which size is appropriate, larger, or smaller size can become difficult to wear and walk in with. The quality of the sock is another factor, a good quality sock goes a long way and looks neat while wearing them.

Also consider, Length of the socks, like no show socks, that is loafer socks whereas the sock that covers till thighs are known as stockings. You should be aware of what kind of sock you require and for what purpose you are buying it for.

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