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Mobile Device Management Solution from the Cloud

Mobile Device Management Solution from the Cloud 

Mobile device management (MDM) is a term used to represent a system or solution for controlling mobile devices remotely. These mobile devices include laptop computers, smartphones, rugged mobile data collection devices, and tablet computers.

Given the increasing need for technology and mobility, enterprises like yours need to work efficiently outside the four walls of a typical business space. You need to communicate directly with your clients and employees, whenever and anywhere they are.

Mobility increases performance and fertility. Gains a competitive advantage by obtaining access to the information and applications important for your business to act expeditiously. Managing related mobile devices enables you to preserve and optimize your performance.

Mobile device management, or MDM, is considered an essential aspect of mobility. It expands traditional concepts of operating and system management of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet computers. Purchasing, network selection, policy development, and security are among the tasks under this umbrella. Many see MDM as a step in the development of IT operations, but not all have this approach.

What does MDM provide?

As new mobile platforms continue to emerge, supporting and managing them has become a Herlian task. Mobile device management is no longer ‘good for tools’; It has become a necessity. Some common features expected from the MDM platform are:

A single and centralized console for managing a variety of mobile endpoints, supporting both corporate rendered and employee-owned devices

Ability to collect inventory and security compliance data from mobile endpoints and then provide reports

Enforcement of basic device security policies such as passwords, encryption, restrictions, and remote functions such as execution, block, wipe on the device

Why should you embrace MDM from the cloud?

In-house MDM solutions require both operational and infrastructure investment. In addition, manpower and resources must be allocated to train employees on the new MDM platform for setting up servers and networks and managing equipment. An MDM solution from the cloud enables you to jump through this dilatory process using a support and management solution hosted in the cloud. This promotes simple and quick customer onboarding processes and eliminates the need for any additional hardware and staff investment. It accelerates implementation and increases user productivity by increasing reliability, scalability, and security. IT, a cloud-based solution, allows administrators to manage these devices from anywhere in a secure manner from a single window.

However, once a mobile device is activated, there are some common IT concerns:

  1. How secure is mobile data in the cloud?
  2. Can I track a mobile device once lost?
  3. Do these mobile endpoints have sufficient visibility in the cloud?

Thus, it is imperative that MDM solutions enable secure mobile computing by implementing appropriate policies and rescue actions to prevent data leaks, malicious attacks, and data vulnerabilities.

Cloud-based MDM solution delivery

Some of the key distributions of cloud-based MDM solutions are:

  • Device diversity, a centralized console, scalability, robustness, granular information storage, and interactive support
  • Simple onboarding, business agility, increased ROI and no infrastructure expenditure
  • Allows desktop management and asset management for mobile devices from a single window in the cloud
  • Receives and maintains data privacy requirements for various regulatory bodies (ex: HIPAA compliance)
  • Allows Maa360 to include a continuous stream of platform updates on a weekly basis
  • Applies policies on mobile devices to specify device restrictions, feature restrictions, and define mailbox settings
  • Execution of corrective actions to prevent data leakage, malicious attacks and data vulnerabilities
  • Quarantine devices or complete command actions to prevent any data leakage at mobile endpoints in the cloud.
  • Adopt mobile device management from the cloud! Manage your mobile devices anytime and anywhere at your convenience in a simple and efficient manner from a single-window.

As a result, the cloud seems to be the best solution and MDM companies are taking advantage of it. They offer cloud-based software that makes it easy for industry leaders to control mobile device usage, policies, and prices from anywhere in the world. While it may seem that something may not be very easy, future technology may come up with new solutions.

Would you like to learn more about how mobile device administration services can help you gain control over your expenses and improve your bottom line? For more information or a quick overview of mobile device management near me, contact your local IT support company today.

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