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Most Hated UI Tricks to Avoid Using in a Website

The website interface is the first thing the user notices as soon as they visit a website. We have seen many website interfaces that incorporate various features and technicalities. The user engagement and time on a website will depend on the user interface.

There are some UI tricks and tactics that users hate the most, and they leave the website because of these interfaces. The websites must pay much attention to improving the interface and avoid losing their website users.

Keep reading this article and get familiar with some of the most hated UI tricks you must avoid in your website design.

Top 10 most hated UI tricks you must avoid using on a website

The user interface is one of the great considerations for websites. If the website has a bad user interface, then a few users will engage with the website. To increase and improve the user experience, websites must have a better interface.

The following few points will help you understand what factors you must avoid adding to your website to improve the user interface.

1. Infinite scrolling

Every website must have an end. When you make websites with no endpoints, it leaves a bad impact on the user experience. Giving infinite scrolling options does not increase or improve the user experience. Rather they are a bad website practice. Websites add endless scrolling features to avoid many pages. In an e-commerce website finding content on a page is easier than finding content through infinite scrolls on a single page.

2. Pop-ups and ads

Unnecessary and unwanted pop-ups and ads play a vital role in annoying the web user, and the chances of leaving the website become higher. Pop-ups and ads are good to have on websites for promotions and signups, but there should be specified timings to show them to the user. Portraying them as soon as the user logs into the website could be annoying and count as a bad user interface.

3. Daily notifications

Sending daily notifications to web users is one of the most annoying things that any website can do. Sending them updates and messages is good, but sending them in bulk and daily could be troublesome, and you may end up losing your website user or deactivating their accounts on your websites.

4. Bad color schemes

Do not overdo your website with fancy colors. Websites sometimes add too many color combinations to make their websites look better. Remember adding too much on a website always results in bad user interfaces; avoid using funky colors. Add nude and plain colors to your website, and make sure your content goes well with the color scheme.

5. Outdated content

Website users always want to stay updated, whether it be the content or technology. Websites must be up to date and add content that can benefit the website user. Websites with outdated content usually have lower conversion rates and lower web user traffic. It is always good to update your website content from time to time and change its presentation.

6. Adding complexities

For a better user interface simplicity of the website is the best option. Make your websites simple to understand and use. Your websites must incorporate features that a layperson can understand and use without any support. Add clear guidelines and tooltips for the ease of the website user.

7. Poor navigation

When a website user fails to navigate through your website while searching for specified items, products, or content, it is due to your website’s poor navigation attributes.  For a better user interface, your website’s navigation attributes and features must be easy and highly efficient. Users must enjoy navigating from one webpage to another webpage without facing difficulties.

8. Page not found errors

Having many missing pages on a website leaves a bad impression on the user, and it counts as a bad user interface. Before deploying your website perform several tests and check each link to confirm it does not lead to an empty page.

9. Page loading speed

Your webpages or website must have better page loading speed and take minimum time to load the website’s content. Some websites take too long to load and view the website content, such as pictures, etc. Slow page loading speeds have a bad impact on the user experience. Less optimized content on the website results in higher rates of page loading time and pace.

10. Forgetting the web users

While designing a website, most web developers or businesses forget to consider their web users in mind. Better UI designs need to understand your website users because their satisfaction and experience matter the most. Hire professional designers from SpiralClick Web Technologies to create and design websites according to your web user needs and requirements. You will have a better response and feedback from your web users if you develop them by considering their views and needs in mind.

High conversion and website affiliation rates are associated with impressive website UI

For websites to acquire high user traffic, it is a must to have optimized websites. The optimization of the website starts with a better interface. Hire an expert web development company in Dubai to design better website interfaces to attract as many users as possible.