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Most Important Things To Look For When Viewing A Property?

When you’re starting to look for your new home, it can feel like an overwhelming process. There are so many factors to consider when buying a property and some things just depend on personal preference. To make the process easier it is best to seek the help of professionals like estate agents in Kent. Also one of the most important things is to spend time looking at properties and deciding which ones you like before you get too invested in one that might not be right for you.

Check for Damp Walls

Dampness is one of the biggest problems that buyers face after they’ve moved into their new home, and it can be incredibly difficult to get rid of. When you view a property, make sure that you check all areas for signs of dampness — especially around window sills and doors. You should also ask about any recent work done on the roof or any existing warranties on the windows as these can help protect against future damp issues

Be sure of the Building Structure

Whether you are buying a new-build property or an older house, it is essential that you check the building structure. Look up at the roof and see how old it is, whether there are any leaks or missing tiles and how much life it has left in it. Check the gutters and drains too – they should be in good condition and free from blockages. If there are any problems, get an estimate for repairs before putting in an offer. It may also be worth asking for council records about past renovations as this can give you an idea of how well the property has been maintained over time. Experts like Sittingbourne estate agents can guide and support you well through these processes.

Storage Space

There’s always more stuff than space, so having enough storage is essential. Storage isn’t just cupboards and lofts; think of nooks and crannies where shelves and hooks can go. A small space under the stairs can fit plenty of shoes, coats, or books, while that tiny alcove by the kitchen can take a shelving unit for cookery books and crockery

Which Side is the House Facing?

It’s important to decide which things are non-negotiable and which things you can compromise on. If you have your heart set on a house with a certain number of rooms and it doesn’t have these, you’ll be disappointed when you view it. Is there a particular direction that you’d prefer your house to face? Some people prefer houses that get the sun in the morning and others like them in the evening. Houses that are north-facing will heat up during the day as they catch the sun while those that are south-facing will be cooler. Think about which direction would suit you best.

How Much Natural Light Does it Get?

It may feel like a very bright day outside but is that enough to keep your house well-lit? Is there enough natural light coming into the room through windows or skylights? Many older properties have smaller windows so check how big these are. If it’s an apartment, will there be enough natural light for your needs?

Is The Double-Glazing in Good Condition?

This is a very important thing to look for when purchasing a house because you will have to pay thousands of pounds to replace old or broken double glazing. Ensure that all windows and doors are sealed correctly and that there is no condensation within the double-glazed windows.

Condition of the Roof?

Having a leaking roof can be very expensive to fix so try and make sure that there are no leaks or cracks within the roof tiles. If you cannot see any problems with it, then it would be wise to ask whether the owner has had problems with it before as they may not know of any issues if they have not used that particular room.

Check if The Property has Enough Power Outlets

It is surprising how many new homes and apartments don’t have enough power outlets. If you have a lot of devices, like a TV, games console, computer, sound system, etc; then it is important to check the number of power outlets that are available in each room. If there aren’t enough outlets in the rooms where you need them, then ask if the landlord will install more.


Poor plumbing can be a major problem, particularly in older properties. Check all of the taps and flushing toilets to make sure that everything is in working order. It’s also worth checking the immersion heater, central heating system, and shower to ensure they work as they should do.

Overall, all you need to take away from this article is that things will go much smoother with a bit of research, a proper understanding of the market value, and a willingness to stand your ground. Most people aren’t professional negotiators, but if you approach the whole process with the right attitude and hire professional help you can save yourself thousands of pounds.