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Multiple ways in creating a secure app – handy tips for doing so

Multiple ways in creating a secure app – handy tips for doing so 

The digital era and mobile technology have overtaken the world as we know it today. A lot of people these days are busy with their mobile devices. They are performing various random activities on their mobile devices and among them are being busy on social media, browsing the internet, playing games, or interacting with the apps present on their phone.

With the influx of numerous users around the globe, mobile devices have surpassed the searches made on the internet over desktops and laptops. Seeing such penetration, such a growth hence leads to rising demand for mobile apps and their development.

Mobile applications have already become an essential façade and presence of the daily routine of mobile users. They help in offering the ease of use and convenience for performing various daily activities.

However, as mobile apps are becoming popular with app development continuing to grow in demand; thanks to numerous app ideas hovering around; a lot of them have now become susceptible to not just any possible attack but also hacking and controlling at the hands of crooks.

That’s right! A lot of today’s popular apps dealing with the execution of financial transactions and executive decisions, uploading sensitive data, and apps having direct links with users’ personal information, have been the target of numerous attacks.

Such has resulted in user profiles getting hacked, a lot of money demanded in ransom, creation of fake profiles, business productivity damaged, financial losses, and lives destroyed.

App developers need to ensure that whatever mobile app they develop should not compromise the security of the app’s users at any cost. To ensure user safety and app credibility, here are some ways to secure the mobile app:

Developing the app from an attacker’s viewpoint

As the app is being created, the developers need to have an attacker’s mindset and view at all times. This does not mean they should make a truncated app but rather should make a really secure one. They should make it a way to see how it can be exploited and how the exploitation can be stopped.

Multiple ways in creating a secure app

They should also fortify the code and see if the app is hackable or not.

Regardless of whether the issue found is small or monumental, or medium; the developers should fortify it and make it strong (stronger than a brick wall). Any minor vulnerability can create a path for hackers and cyber crooks to attack the app.

Performing code reviews helps eliminate the possibility of a cyber-attack. Hence developers should spend time looking for possible ways to break the app and then fix it to make it unbreakable. They should also address the flaws that are apparently present in the app.

Collaborating with the security team from the beginning

Making an app is not a single step process. It involves considerable planning, research, brainstorming sessions, creating prototypes, a lot of testing and so much more. The stages any app development firm has in its development, that firm must ensure that security protocols are part of its essentials.

The app development firm’s cybersecurity team should also be part of the mobile development process right from the very beginning. They should ensure that the security team can voice their opinions in how the mobile app can be made flawless with regards to security.

More and more tests should be conducted.

Testing the mobile app is a compulsory step as it needs to be ensured that the app should be able to withstand a possible attack of any kind. A recent study suggested that 60% of app developers are not confident enough about the security of their mobile apps. Also, nothing is done about it too.

Responsible app developers ensure that they conduct as many tests as they can to ensure the app’s security foundation is stronger than anything.

The SSL certificate should always be remembered

Mobile apps that lack SSL certifications are vulnerable to hacking and cyber-attacks. The absence of such a certificate gives hackers the chance to infiltrate the app, intercept the traffic, and carry on in it with a fake login, redirecting users to doomsday.

Studies reveal that many apps do not implement SSL validation adequately and are thus susceptible to attacks.

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