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Need for MVP in Mobile Application

MVP Development services are primarily used as an initial version that will demonstrate features that will show the potential of the business. It’s essential and will take the feedback for improvement. MPV has played a very critical role in defining the success of the company. The question is why it is so fundamental and the straightforward answer to this it allows the developers to test the application and that too with end users. It’s a kind of prototype that contains only limited & essential features of the applications

Types of MVP & Examples of MVP

There are 4 types of MVP Mobile application

Wizard of Oz

It is a half-automatic and half-manual solution. Consumers perceive that they are using an application in the real world, but it’s the other way around because human beings cannot distribute work at such high intensity. So, the MVP mobile application has limited sections that are viable for testing.

Piecemeal MVP

It is the second type, through which you can assess your idea with existing platforms and services without putting in extra capital. Before developing, we can check the marketplace beforehand along with demand which gives a competitive advantage.

Concierge MVP

It is entirely human-based, in this type of solution humans do most of the function, serve consumers, and collect feedback from them.

Single Feature MVP

As the name suggests Single Characteristic,” is feasible for a distinctive feature that a business wishes to develop. As a result, it is typically advantageous for a distinctive selling proposition. Therefore, information is gathered based on this feature.

The biggest and most successful examples of MVP are:


The famous ride-booking app started its journey & its path to glory with the MVP mobile application launch. At first Uber’s main emphasis was establishing good associations between users and drivers. They also added a credit card. When it gained recognition and positive response it was only then they poured more money into the business. Uber also added more features afterward making it into a billion-dollar business as a result.


Next In Line is one of the most popular applications for sharing pictures and videos known as Instagram. But when it launched its original version, had restricted features like filters and options to share photos. The market back then had better applications of pictures and all that so the company to a wiser approach and did not launch at full throttle. Slowly when they started to capture the market with the help of the MVP mobile launch they invested more and became a household name.


The story of Facebook is very interesting. Social giant Facebook that Mark Zuckerberg designed for students of Harvard University. It had limited access and it was expanded to colleges & Universities later. The very first version of Facebook just had the option of Friend requests and direct messaging. You can only build a single-page profile but today they have revamped every aspect it looks like a different platform altogether which proves that Facebook took a safe approach with the help of the MVP Development process.

Mobile App Development

It is a method for developing software programs that can run on mobile devices. The mobile development procedure involves generating software bundles that comprise (code, binaries, and assets) and also involve backend services.

MVP in Mobile Development

Similarly, it is easy to figure out that because the application is still at a very early stage where only specific feature is embedded. This is also involved in the creation of mobile applications when developers introduce particular problems and slow down early adopters.

Need/Necessity for MVP in mobile application

With every passing day, competition is getting harsher, and more start-ups are in the game, due to the market which is an open platform to capture an audience that has more options. So, MVP development offers the swiftest route to reach the market. You can check your application at the initial stage which also results in saving time and most importantly money.

MVP is also the quickest and most precise way to obtain your application. One may spend a fortune on his mobile application, and spend hours and days but that is the wrong approach because it is not the right approach. By having MVP, you can get the review about your mobile application at a very early stage through which you can make changes and try to improvise

It’s not wise to take such risks when you put in your considerable time, effort, and money. MVP gives you this opportunity to take less risk and make necessary changes which is a very wise approach.

Importance of MVP in Mobile Application Development


One of the most important aspects of this professional MVP development services in UAE is feedback. In today’s world where technologies change with every passing day and customers have a lot of options, it is purely because consumers are more aware now. So, whatever say end users have played a very vital role in revamping your application. So, MVP application services do give this option.

Identifying issues

Lastly, launching something is not important but checking and constantly improving are key to success. One can do that by identifying issues and making necessary changes in your application.

Product Viability

As discussed previously as well that is important where you and your application stand in today’s world. You cannot through everything in the water without backup. MVP allows you to check the viability and make the decision accordingly.


Many startups open and close in certain time frames, and many old ventures have closed down because they failed to adapt & evolve. It is very important in today’s world of digitalization that companies do not put all their eggs in one basket. Similarly putting all your energy, time and money is nothing but a ludicrous approach that involves more risk. So appropriate and sensible approach is to test the viability of your application. MVP mobile application services do give you the option to take a step back if necessary don’t be rigid accept your mistake if there is any and if not go for it.