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NCEdCloud: A Guide to North Carolina’s Education Cloud Platform

NCEdCloud is North Carolina’s digital learning platform and identity access management system for K-12 education. Developed by the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction, NCEdCloud provides a variety of tools and resources to support teaching and learning across the state. Here is an overview of what NCEdCloud offers and how it benefits North Carolina schools.

What is NCEdCloud?

NCEdCloud is a cloud-based platform that gives students, teachers, and staff access to educational content and applications. It serves as a central hub for digital learning in North Carolina public schools. NCEdCloud provides cloud hosting, single sign-on access, and a catalog of integrated software programs and tools.

Some of the key components of NCEdCloud include:

  • Single Sign-On Portal: Allows users to access all integrated applications with one login. Provides access controls and identity management.
  • LMS: A learning management system (Canvas) for creating and delivering online courses and content.
  • Collaboration Tools: Devices like shared calendaring, document storage, email, and more to allow communication and collaboration.
  • Digital Content: Thousands of standards-aligned digital resources available through partnerships with leading content providers.
  • Cloud Hosting: Secure cloud infrastructure for hosting applications and storing data.

Benefits of Using NCEdCloud

NCEdCloud offers many benefits to North Carolina schools by providing a centralized platform for digital learning. Key advantages include:

  • Simplicity: Single sign-on allows quick access to applications. Standards-based content is easy to find and integrate.
  • Cost Savings: Cloud-based services reduce school IT costs for hardware, software, and management.
  • Security: Cloud hosting provides robust security, regular updates, and backups. Access controls protect sensitive data.
  • Equity of Access: All students and teachers can access the same high-quality digital content and tools.
  • Teaching and Learning: Digital resources, LMS, and collaboration tools support innovative instruction.
  • Data-Driven Decisions: Tools like analytics, assessment builders, and administration apps inform decisions.
  • Technical Support: Dedicated help desk provides support to teachers, staff, and administrators.

Who Uses NCEdCloud?

NCEdCloud is used by K-12 public schools across North Carolina. This includes:

  • Teachers and Instructional Support Staff
  • Students
  • Administrators
  • Technology Staff
  • District Leadership

All educators and students with accounts in the system can access and utilize the NCEdCloud platform and its integrated apps.

Accessing NCEdCloud

Users can access NCEdCloud in a few simple steps:

  1. Go to the NCEdCloud website:
  2. Click “Sign In” in the top right corner.
  3. Login with your credentials provided by your school/district. This is a single username and password for the integrated applications.
  4. Upon logging in, you will see the application catalog where you can click to open any of the available apps and tools.

Apps like Canvas, Office 365, and digital content portals can be launched right from here. Everything is available instantly with one login.

Support and Resources

NCEdCloud provides several resources to help users get started and receive support:

  • Knowledge Base: Searchable library of how-to articles, guides, and faqs.
  • Live Chat: Get immediate help from a support agent through chat.
  • Support Tickets: Submit a ticket to the help desk for assistance by email.
  • Training: Self-paced courses and live virtual training webinars.
  • Quick Start Guides: Printable one-page user guides for major apps.
  • Video Tutorials: Short videos demonstrating key tasks and workflows.

With robust technical support and ample training materials, users can get up and running on NCEdCloud quickly.


NCEdCloud delivers a full-featured digital learning platform tailored for North Carolina education. It streamlines access, provides collaboration tools, quality content, and technical support so teachers and students can focus on teaching and learning. NCEdCloud levels the playing field so all NC schools can benefit from the best educational technology.