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Why Do You Need Vacuum Glove Box in Your Laboratory?

Why Do You Need Vacuum Glove Box in Your Laboratory? 

Do you know what a vacuum glove box is or how it is essential to have it in your laboratory? If you are well accustomed to the safety rules and regulations, then you must be knowing that having a glove box is of so much significance in your laboratory. Similarly, having a vacuum glove box can change the existing safety measures of your lab into an advanced level. Stick to this article to find out how.

As the name suggests, it is a combination of all the crucial features of a vacuum and glove box. Both of these play a very vital role in maintaining a sterilized and safe workspace. Although each of them has a distinct and unique approach, they are destined to work for the same purpose. In case you have not had the experience of operating this instrument in real life, here are a few pointers that will make you have a clear picture of the same.

  • A Vacuum Glove Box is an airtight enclosed chamber inside which isolated experiments can be performed safely.
  • It is connected to a pair of gloves externally using which you can operate samples or equipment inside the chamber.
  • This isolation box will keep you and your surroundings safe from the harmful substances in use.
  • The vacuum pump installed with the unit can remove the hazardous gas from the inside of the chamber and replace it with inert gases. The most commonly used inert gases include Argon and Nitrogen.

This is an advantageous and unique invention that allows researchers to conduct experiments in a non-hazardous, low pressure, and non-combustible chamber, which is also the workspace. The use of a vacuum pump in a glove box has revolutionized the ordinary variants of glove boxes available in the market. It was earlier known that both a vacuum chamber and a glove box should be used when working with critically toxic substances. However, with the use of the latest technology, they have been blended perfectly and made into a single highly functional unit.

Vacuum pumps removing oxygen out of the system is a potent step because oxygen can react with many highly reactive components and make superoxide, which are free radicals or highly reactive species. If by any chance, these are formed, there can be a massive mishap, ultimately putting an end to your ongoing research and possibly causing harm to your health. This is oxygen should be evacuated out so that no reactive intermediates can be formed inside the chamber. Now let us find out why it has become an integral part of most laboratories across the world.

  1. Vacuum Glove Box can Perform Multiple Functions:

It has already been discussed at the beginning that because it is a blend of two independent units, this kind of glove boxes has many approaches to work differently but ultimately serving a common purpose. A Vacuum Glove Box can stimulate the internal atmosphere effectively and maintain an internal pressure, which can also be regulated by you. Additionally, it can test permeability, leak, and integrity as well. Also, it provides a moisture-free environment for suitable experiments where air-sensitive equipment is in use. Such Glove Boxes can also maintain the vacuum level down to specific standards. You can set these standards according to the requirement of your study.

  1. Has Some Unique Features:

You can choose either a variant with or without an antechamber. An antechamber is of great use in some instances, while in other cases, it can be in inhibitor to a smooth workflow. Therefore, it is a flexible choice, and you can opt for the one that suits your study the most. Its absolute airlock internal pressure has a lot to contribute to specific experiments where it is a thumb rule to maintain such an ambiance. You can monitor the internal pressure with the help of a vacuum gauge. The top lid can be removed entirely for easy access and transfer of components. Glove covers can be removed and changed if you wish to.

There are also variants available where you can monitor the oxygen concentration inside the chamber. You can opt for those if you strictly need to maintain the desired oxygen level. This can be the case when you are dealing with lethal and highly reactive substances.

  1. Made up of Acrylic Material:

It is mostly made up of acrylic materials which have a few benefits linked with it. Acrylic materials are usually light-weighted and more durable than glass. Therefore, it becomes easier to transfer glove boxes of such materials. They are also more cost-effective, transparent, and resistant to corrosive chemicals compared to other materials. Besides, they are easy to maintain. All you need is water and some disinfectant, and you are all good!

Remember These Pointers Before Buying a Vacuum Glove Box:

This sums up the guide that you should always remember before buying it or working with it. It is beneficial to know such important facts related to everyday lab equipment when you are working in the science field.

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