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New Bearings to Comprehend For Vape Pen Boxes in 2021

New Bearings to Comprehend For Vape Pen Boxes in 2021 


One of the fundamental things that decide the fate of a product is the packaging of the product. Custom Vape pen boxes can help you in getting recognition for your brand due to the uniqueness in shapes, sizes, and designs. These are the key elements that augment the look and feel of a brand itself. As this year is ending and with that, new designs and shapes are popping up in the product packaging industry. If you are interested in some of the latest ideas regarding vape packaging, then you can find out about all the trendy designs below.

Luxury rigid packaging

As vapes are considered as part of the fashion industry, this is why they need packaging for them which can defend this particular native. Luxury rigid packages are one of the most trending options for effectively presenting your products, and these would be the perfect Vape pen boxes in the year 2021. These packages are available in either one-piece or two-piece options. These are perfect for gifting purposes because they have a touch of class in them. They are made with sturdy materials, so they are used to store delicate items like perfumes, jewelry, and vape pens. You also have the option to put dividers into the box to make the most of the space you have. Companies also have the option to add vape cartridges in the packages to provide customers more value.

Sleeve packaging

There are very few packaging options that can fit almost any product. Sleeve boxes are one of the most versatile packaging solutions. These sleeves are perfect for keeping the products in the slot. The vapes can be placed in the tray inside the box and can be taken out just like you open a drawer. Custom windows can be added to the front portion of the packaging to enhance the look. These windows help the customers in sneaking a peek at the product before they even buy it. It gives them an opportunity to view the product quality, and this is a vital element that is necessary for converting sales. These packages are in a flat shape when they are shipped, so they take less space for storing too.

Shoulder boxes

One of the most luxurious forms of packaging in the industry is the shoulder packages. These boxes have been the staple of success for many companies, especially the perfume related businesses. In the year 2021, vapes will be merchandized in these unique packages too. It speaks volumes regarding the elegance of the vape products even before the package is opened. Thick and rigid cardboard is used for the manufacturing of these boxes to protect delicate vape pens. Mostly these packages resemble the shoe packages, but a neck of around 1 inch is designed in these boxes. This helps with latching the lid perfectly. The neck remains visible even if the box is closed because the lid and the bottom portion never really meet each other. The color of the box can be matched with the color of the vape pen to give a more relaxing look.

Book boxes

One of the most attractive looking boxes for vapes is the book packaging. These are customizable and made perfectly for packaging your vapes. These consist of art paper, velvet, and leatherette papers to enhance the look and feel of the packaging. It defends the case that vapes are premium products, and therefore, they have premium looking packages. For finishing options, they are usually coated with a matte look, but glossy options are also available if a company desires it. Furthermore, the materials used are strong and sturdy enough to bear any stresses and are capable of protecting these delicate products.

Hexagonal top lid boxes

One thing that can help you stand out in the crowd is a uniquely shaped packaging. So the best option for this is to go for a hexagonal shape. This particular shape is stable and secure for fragile products. Furthermore, a variety of custom inserts can be added to the box to secure the vape pens more firmly. To improve the look more, you can either add a window on the top lid that too in the hexagonal shape, or you can even go with a triangular shape. It will look more attractive, and the vape pens will be visible inside the box.

New designs and trends come every year, and similarly, there will be new designs for many products in the year 2021. So it is advised to study and go through all of the latest trends regarding your vape pen boxes, and then decide what idea suits your vapes the best. So if you have carefully read the above-mentioned trends, now you must have some ideas in mind before you contact your manufacturer.

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