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New Home with Renovation or make Repairs Yourself: Which is more Profitable?

After buying a new home, everyone wants to move in faster. But what about the renovation? Today there are three options for buying a home from a developer: with a turnkey finish, with a rough finish or, completely without it. If you choose a new home that is developed recently, then you can immediately move in and live.

Turnkey finishing

Turnkey finishing from the developer assumes full readiness to live in the new home. It includes:

  • Stretch or plastered and painted ceiling;
  • Laminate or linoleum on the floor;
  • Wallpaper on the walls (sometimes for painting);
  • Wiring laid throughout the apartment, sockets, switches;
  • Tiles on the walls in the bathroom;
  • Plumbing fixtures (bath or shower, sink, toilet, faucets);
  • Door frames, interior doors;
  • Metal entrance door;
  • Modern double-glazed windows on the windows;
  • Heating system.

In some cases, this concept also includes furniture: a set in the kitchen, wardrobes in the hallway, lockers in the bathroom – stop by and live immediately after receiving the keys.

You can find out more on upcoming Canninghill Piers project. Canninghill Piers is a newly designed integrated development constructed by the top three developers of Singapore. The residential complex is fully furnished with luxurious amenities and premium facilities. From river promenade, schools, malls, bus interchange, hospitals to the multi-cuisine restaurants; you will find everything district 09 of River Valley Project.

Finishing from a developer is often cheaper than doing DIY repairs. The developer buys building materials at a wholesale price in large quantities. Finishing work is carried out by specialist builders for each type of work. The prices for their services are inversely related to the scale performed.

Advantages and who benefits from renovated apartments?

  • You can immediately move into such an apartment and live. You will only need to buy furniture and decor items to make your home more comfortable.
  • If you take a new building on a mortgage, then a renovated apartment will be a good option. You can take a little more than the loan amount and not spend money later on finishing.
  • A profitable rental investment. The ready-to-move-in apartment can rent out immediately after purchase
  • You will get savings in time and effort, if you are not a master of finishing apartments, then these activities will take a lot of time, money, and emotions.
  • For the created design, you will independently choose furniture, curtains, decor items, and other items for the convenience and beauty of your interior.

Minuses for your new home

  • With a finished repair, it will not be possible to create your own unique design;
  • Since it will not be possible to control the entire process, you will have to rely on the developer’s conscientiousness. It should be noted that in the struggle for attention, developers have to improve the quality characteristics of projects being hand over;
  • There is no possibility of redevelopment and small adaptation to the needs of the owner, otherwise, you will have to redo all the repairs.

In order not to be disappointed in the finishing new home results, book an appointment for showflat viewing in Canninghill Piers. Before signing the documents, ask the developer to acquaint you with the finishing options and the possibilities for changing them. Find out more on upcoming Canninghill Piers by visiting their website.