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Order Wholesome Happiness on Your Plate with 4 Delicious Plant Based Food at Home
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Order Wholesome Happiness on Your Plate with 4 Delicious Plant Based Food at Home 

Coping with social distancing can be difficult. Especially for those people who are habituated with going out every day. If you have always been active as a person and now stuck at home with the new work-from-home mode, you are surely having a tough time. More so, if you are a food lover.

For most Americans, eating out is a part of their life. Or it was so before the pandemic started wreaking its havoc. Now staying at home, maintaining social distancing, and thinking how much you are missing out in terms of devouring your favorite tasty food can actually make you depressed. Also, as we know, increasing immunity has become the “new-getting-in-shape” norm for everyone. You might want to ensure that you are having enough green in your plate which might not turn out to be as tasty as you want it if cooked in your kitchen. So, if you are looking for some plant-based food with the lip-smacking taste that you can get delivered from the restaurants of Fort Collins, you must taste following items.

Delicious Campfire Curry

When you are looking for something that serves as the perfect plat-based dish for your brunch, go for Campfire Curry. The yellow gravy with a tinge of coconut in it along with avocados and cabbages make it a perfect bowl full of happiness for you. Served with herbed rice, this is one of the newest additions in the menu of the Rainbow Restaurant. So, if you are looking for something new and filling for maybe the weekend, order through Noco Nash.

Powerhouse Power Bowl

Immunity and more immunity, this is the mantra when you are gearing up to live in a post-pandemic work and that too without vaccine as of yet. So, you need to rely on the most natural ways to do that. And that can happen effectively with the help of gluten-free, vegan, or plant-based food. Now, before you say those taste horrible, let me tell you about the Power Bowl, a quite popular preparation for breakfast Fort Collins. Full of broccoli, avocado, cabbage, nuts and served with homemade vegan cheese, this delicious dose of goodness and health will surely make you happy even when you are not dining out.

The Buenos Dias

When it comes to a healthy, gluten-free vegan platter that will not only fill your tummy but also will feel your heart with joy and goodness, the Buenos Dias is the food you should go for. A very popular dish, available at the best restaurants in Fort Collins, this is surely going to leave you wanting for more. Quinoa, grilled tofu, green veggies, and avocado served with healthy warm corn tortillas and homemade salsa sauce, this is surely the best thing you can have for a lazy lunch during the lockdown. The gluten-free vegan delicious dish will make sure you get the necessary immunity boosters too while you are taking the plat-based diet quite religiously.

Colorful Coleslaw

Coleslaw is a very straightforward salad dish with green veggies, mostly cabbages, which can be served as a breakfast dish or as a side dish with your lunch. The normal salad dressing with a healthy dose of vegan mayonnaise, the coleslaw can be served as a comfort food too when you are dealing with the blues of a Monday.

If you are thinking that having all these delicious food delivered is a fact too good to be true, then you are mistaken. Many gluten-free restaurants Fort Collins like the Rainbow Café are serving these delicacies while complying with the norms of social distancing. Just place your order and dig in the bowl of the deliciousness of the plant-based tasty food.

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