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Differentiate Original and Fake Jabra Headphones?

Awais Irshad
Awais Irshad
4 Min Read

We all know that the selling of counterfeit audacity products is alarmingly increased now in Pakistan. Mostly we are scammed while purchasing from online platforms because we do not know the difference between original and fake products.

Today, I will solve this problem for you, and you will learn how to differentiate between original and fake Jabra headphones.

Authorized Site Buying Jabra Headphone

First, whenever you want to purchase Jabra Headphones, you must buy them from an authentic and verified retailer. There is an almost negligible chance of buying fake products.

Packaging and Material

First, have a thorough checking of the packing because it is easy to replicate anything, but the fake product cannot compete with real ones. Grey marketers use low-quality material.

  • Original Jabra Headphones cases have a matt finish and heavy, while fake ones are usually glossy and shiny and have comparatively lighter cases.
  • One more thing that you can notice is the difference between the opening points in their case. Original Jabra Headphones have a raised bar for an opening, while fake is usually flattened.
  • Low-quality fake headphones surface can be easily scratched.
  • Genuine Jabra Headphones Pakistan has an engraved logo while the doubtful product has just a printed logo design. Sometimes, the shape of the logo letter is changed.

Check Voice Quality

Authorized Jabra companies do not compromise their headphone’s voice quality. Keep a keen eye on this feature.

  • Real ones will produce a clear and high-resolution voice, while fake ones have low quality, heavy and Chinese accent voice, and their functions do not match their commands.
  • The volume chamber of the original headphone is a bit wider than the fake.
  • Some Evolve Jabra ranges original earbuds are clean, while the fake has a dirty look.
  • Some Evolve Jabra ranges original earbuds are clean, while the fake has a dirty look.

Check Charging Slots

You will notice another important difference while comparing charging areas. Charging slots of real Jabra Headphones Pakistan are circular and have a small hole, while fake ones slots are rectangular.

Check App Connectivity

All original Jabra headphones have connectivity with the Sound+ App, and you can give commands and control your headphones via this app, but this feature is missing in fake products. They are unable to connect with the app.

Check Serial Number Registration

Whenever you buy a new Jabra headset, you must register it freely at Jabra’s website by using its serial number. You will get one year warranty on your headphones at their registration, and this will authenticate that your headphones are original. Grey products have wrong serial numbers or are not placed in proper positions.

Product at Cheap Price

Whenever someone is selling a product at two to three times cheaper rates, it means there is something fishy. Beware of such scamming sites. Their products are counterfeit be carefull…

Last but not least, invest where your money is not wasted. These are some of the differences that you can keep in mind when buying your Jabra Headphones in Pakistan so that you are not scammed.

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