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soap packaging

During this COVID-19 pandemic, some sectors of the packaging industry are doing great while some are on the verge of closing down.

Patterns seen in custom packaging industry during this pandemic are:

Increase in demand:

Pandemic has caused increased demand in packaging for

  • Groceries
  • Pharmaceuticals, and
  • Healthcare products

People are conscious about the safety of the products they’re buying and multiple Custom Packaging layers are back.

Decrease in demand:

There is a huge decline in demand for luxury items such as

  • Cosmetics
  • Fragrances
  • Apparel
  • Footwear, and
  • Electronics

People are more focused on buying only the absolute necessities and all other products that come under the pull up banners of wants and desires are not their priority.

Plastics are back:

The only good thing that came out of this pandemic is PLASTICS and it is good just for the packaging industry. Plastics are considered safer as they’re impermeable and viruses can’t pass through them. People are so paranoid with fear of coronavirus that they don’t mind plastic packaging. Recently environmentalists had made a major breakthrough when the ban was imposed on plastic bags but it seems that it’s all going to change. People are using plastics more than ever and it is great for the packaging sector but it will have major consequences.

custom packaging
Custom Packaging

A tidal wave of trash:

Our world is already a ball of trash, because, well, humans are filthy animals, ruining everything they set foot in. The covid-19 pandemic, our planet has been hit with a new wave of trash. Our beaches, oceans, rivers, and streets are flooding with plastic waster. This pandemic has completely derailed the fight against plastic waste. Single-use plastics are back with a bang as many grocery stores have banned compostable paper bags. Bringing your own sustainable grocery bag is not allowed either. Under these circumstances, the last resort is plastic bags.

Paranoia with safety:

Covid-19 is dangerous, there is no denying that but this extreme paranoia with safety and hygiene is causing a high demand for use of plastic in custom packaging. Consumers are not willing to buy any product with permeable packaging, where there is even the slightest chance of virus transmission.

Compostable/biodegradable packaging is out of business:

Any material that can’t hold a barrier against viruses and bacteria transmission can’t be used for custom packaging as customers won’t buy the product.

Decreased crude oil prices:

Crude oil prices have decreased due to low demand during pandemics this in turn has caused prices of plastic polymers to drop and maintaining a sustainable supply chain is a huge issue for the packaging industry. The industry is under enormous cost pressure as customers are extremely cost-sensitive. To keep their plants up and running packaging companies must acquire a certain number of orders.

Supply chains are disturbed:

Many packaging companies outsourced their material from other countries and with borders being closed their supply chains have been disturbed badly.

What can be done?

Sectors of the packaging industry that are not in demand during a pandemic, such as cosmetic packaging etcetera must think about other sectors that are more in demand. They can turn to make single-use plastic packaging to survive this time and later on can shift back to their respective sector.

Country-specific plans and business models should be made and international trade is not doing well these days. Companies should make plans that involve things available in the country they’re located in. Relying on material from other countries can cause your whole business model to collapse.


The packaging industry is extremely resilient and prevalent in our society. The world cannot survive without custom packaging as we’re so used to every product packed into a custom box. Time until the industry will bounce back to its original glory. But to survive this phase packaging companies must take preventive measures as some lost their customers because they failed to keep up with the demand.

By travisjohnson

I'm a digital marketing expert

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