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PDFBear Guide: Online Tools You Need To Be More Efficient In Handling Portable Document Format or PDF

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Most people are now used to online documents since it allows you to share, save and store information and data conveniently. But imagine you want to remain up-to-date and keep pace with the newest technology advancement. Then you must learn how to manage your electronic documents correctly.

One of the life hacks that most people use to handle their online papers is to utilize an online application like the platform of PDFbear to optimize, organize, preserve and improve their electronic document activities. As a result, an online tool helps you to work smoothly and gives you less job workload.

The time you finish reading this article. You can manage your electronic documents better as we present you with an online platform that provides numerous online tools with various features. It can also provide a starting point to learn how to make the most of your document’s potential.

Add Watermark To PDF

One of the online tools that you should learn using from PDFBear is the Add Watermark to PDF. It is an online converter tool that helps you put ownership to your work, making it difficult for a regular individual to steal your content and produce it elsewhere. It is an essential online tool primarily for businesses, critical researchers, and artworks.

If you still don’t have any idea on how to add a watermark to your PDF file. You can follow these simple instructions to be comprehensive for new users who do not have any knowledge in modifying their PDF files.

  • Upload the documents that you want to modify in the first place.
  • Type the watermark or upload an image that you want to use as your watermark.
  • You will need to wait for a minute or so until your document is converted.
  • Download and save your newly converted document in your storage or online storage.

Delete PDF Pages

Suppose that you want to delete pages from your PDF file might be troublesome. The function of Delete PDF pages from your PDF file is the following web online tool application you need to use in order to do so. Many people use this kind of web online tool application to delete undesirable or unneeded pages from your PDF file.

An additional incentive to utilize this online application is the convenience of viewing your PDF file, which allows you to view the essential facts in your PDF file instantly. This helps with the file size, which minimizes the size of the original PDF file when you delete each page. Here’s how PDF pages may be deleted using PDFBear.

  • The first step is uploading your document.
  • The second step is selecting the pages you want to delete.
  • If everything meets with your satisfaction, click “Delete PDF Pages.”
  • Download your documents into your device or directly share them with your desired recipient.

Protect PDF

Nowadays, most individuals are afraid to put on the Internet their vital and personal documents. The leading causes, waiting to punch and take advantage of their chance to receive random data are hackers and individuals with malicious motives.

Suppose you are concerned with your electronic document from getting views from random individuals. Therefore, it is essential to restrict or manage the number of people who can read your personal data in your PDF file. To make your document safer by inserting an encrypted password in your PDF file is the best solution.

You have to do the same thing that you have done with the last online utility and use the PDF online protection tool. The instructions to use these internet tools are nonetheless different from the previous one. Please note that each online tool has other characteristics, which lead to various types of instructions. Here you can see an instruction on how you may use PDF protection.

  • Transfer your document into the system of PDFbear.
  • Type the password that you prefer.
  • Click the “Encrypt” button if you are done.
  • You can now transfer it to your device.


It might also take time and frustration to modify a PDF. It is also preferable if you use a PDFBear tool to assist you in handling your problems. It provides a fast and trustworthy service that meets your requirements. In general, if you utilize an online PDF conversion tool like PDFBear, you may effortlessly personalize your document.

It can be in your best interest if you never forget that every online tool has its way of modifying your electronic documents. Hence, using them depending on your needs should always be put in priority.

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