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How to Pick the Right Wine to Gift This Holiday Season 

It is said that when it comes to gift-giving, one can never go wrong with a great bottle of wine. Whether it’s Christmas, New Year, birthday, or you’re just heading to a friend’s, a bottle of wine is the perfect gift for almost any occasion. The holiday season is in full swing with celebrations, love, and laughter all around. It is the perfect time to connect with your loved ones and what can be better than gifting wine to show your love. Wines make perfect holiday gifts because there’s a wine bottle for almost every budget. However, if you truly want to impress the gift recipient, then the last-minute purchase may go wrong.


When it comes to picking the best bottle for your wine-loving friend, you might get overwhelmed with the options available. It can be daunting to pick a single option from – Red Wine, White Wine, Sparklers, roses, and more. With over 10,000 varieties of wine grapes in the world and great deals abounding during the holiday season; selecting the right wine is not easy. Whether you browse online wine stores or visit your local wine shop, you can find thousands of different bottles of wine. To make the right choice, there are a few factors that you need to keep in mind. So, here are some tips to help you pick the right booze this holiday season for your loved ones.

Gift Recipient’s Taste

The easiest way to narrow down your choice is by thinking about the preferences of the gift recipient.  Finding out whether the gift recipient prefers red or white can be a good starting point. So, consider whether the person likes sweeter or dryer styles. Possibly, your friend may like a flat drink more than a bubbly or sparkling wine. Some people prefer sparkling wines that are fizzy while some are fond of rosé that is a mix of both white and red wine.

Consider the Occasion & Season

When shopping for any or spirit, it’s important to consider factors like the nature of the occasion or celebration and the season. Besides your budget, recipient’s taste, and purpose of the gift, considering the type of occasion and season is equally important. There can be nothing better than relishing succulent turkey with the perfect glass. So, if you’re invited for a Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner party, getting a magnum bottle may help in taking the pressure off your host. However, make sure you choose something which is more likely to appeal to most of the guests. The safest option can be picking a Merlot as a red or Chardonnay as a white because most drinkers prefer these two types.

When thinking about the occasion you’re buying for, consider whether will be served that evening. You can go for red wine if the drink does not need to be chilled to serve upon arrival. When asked to bring for a dinner, make sure to do some research about the food and pairing. This will help you figure out which work best with which food types. The time of the year also matters when picking wine. For instance, a Sauvignon blanc can be the right choice for summer but for winters, consider heavier drinks Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, and Malbec. If your gift recipient prefers white wine then you may choose oaked Chardonnay with a hint of vanilla.


Wines can be expensive but it’s not necessary to splurge to gift a good wine. You can easily find plenty of good wines available for less than $20. It means that you can find a bottle that your recipient will appreciate without exceeding your budget limit. However, if you truly want the recipient to enjoy your thoughtful offering, don’t pick a bottle solely based on its outer appearance. Gifting a beautiful bottle can make a great first impression but packaging can sometimes be deceiving. You can’t judge a bottle by its attractive appearance because that tells nothing about the actual wine contained inside it. So, before you spend hundreds of dollars for a well-designed bottle, remember it is the taste and feel of the drink that ultimately matters.

Ideally, when shopping for a gift, you should keep your budget between $20-50. It can be a good idea to ditch famous brand names. The finest bottles such as Bordeaux or Burgundy are undoubtedly the best gifts but they also come at premium prices. So, consider lesser-known options like a Merlot from Chile or a New Zealand Pinot Noir.

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