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Instagram viewer

Instagram is a large social media platform. It has numerous features that excite its customers But there are nonetheless a few boundaries.

On Insta, you can’t view the profile picture in massive, down load the profile image, or even explore Instagram tale viewer without any account On Insta you can change your fonts to fancy fonts fashion also. Try Instagram fonts generator now.

But not to fear. There are a few online free Instagram viewer equipment that offer these kind of features.

And after reviewing about a hundred+ websites, we found Picuki as the high-quality alternative.

What is Picuki?

It is an Instagram web-viewer, an Ig put up viewer, and view instagram stories anonymously. It lets in us to apply various features which might be unavailable on the principle app.

It is likewise on occasion referred to as Pickuki or Picuki Instagram. Users in reality like this internet site for diverse motives.

It may be very smooth to use. It is completely unfastened and has many other specialties.

Users additionally search on Google  Picuki which include ?

Users commonly get stressed with the spelling of Picuki. There are several spellings that humans search for on Google. Some of those might also encompass pucuki, picoki, pickuki, picuiki, picuoki, picucki, pocuki or occasionally as pickoci.

Picuki vs Instagram

There are diverse capabilities which are available on Picuki however are unavailable on Instagram.

The following is a list of these features.

How to View Instagram without an Account

Picuki permits you to view Ig content without any Picuki account or Insta login. You can absolutely input “picuki” into any seek engine website, inclusive of Google, and discover the ig content.

But on Instagram, you want to log in.

How to View Instagram Stories anonymously.

Using Picuki seek or Pickuki, you can view the Insta memories of any profile anonymously.  This means in case you see a person’s Insta tale, Picuki will now not go away any footprint at the Instagram app.

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But on Instagram, you want to have an account first. Then in case you see a person’s tale, your name might be proven in their viewer’s listing.

Using a Picuki account, you may view the Ig DP in vast as well as download this profile picture in its original nice.

Instagram doesn’t provide the characteristic to view someone’s Insta profile image in vast. You cannot even download it. You can go to Technographx to get the today’s update for instagram.

Instagram is a huge social media platform. It has various functions that excite its users But there are nevertheless some obstacles.

How to Download snapshots and films in picuki Instagram

On Picuki, you get an option to download the posts and movies from Ig. You just need to search for the username on Picuki, visit the account, and download that photograph.

On Instagram, there may be no choice to download posts and films. You can simply download your very own story there.

How Can I Edit pics and movies?

On Picuki, you get the option to edit your snapshots and films. You can change filters, manage the historical past of your pictures, and plenty of extras.

Instagram doesn’t provide this selection. You could make changes to the filter out in your pictures only whilst posting them on your feed.

Copy caption & hashtags

You can replica captions and hashtags with the use of Picuki. This is very useful even as using the app.

This facility isn’t always available on the main Instagram app. You can simplest view the caption and hashtag.

How does picuki paintings?

Picuki.Com is like a seek engine for Instagram. Broadly speakme, there are two ways of stalking Instagram the use of this website.

  • Using account seek
  • Using a hashtag seek
  • Method – 1 Using Account Search

Using the subsequent steps, you may do that the use of this site.

  • Go to the official internet site via www.Picuki.Com.
  • The next page will seem. Look for the Insta username inside the seek bar.
  • It will then display a list of money owed.
  • Just click on at the account you are searching out.
  • The account will open.

Method – 2 Using Hashtag Search

To view the IG post with the favored hashtag, comply with the steps underneath.

  • Go to the respectable internet site of Picuki.Com.
  • Type inside the hashtag you’d like to view and click on “search” and then “seek icon”.
  • The hashtag listing is displayed.
  • So you could faucet the hashtag you wish to view.

Is picuki nameless?

Yes. Pickuki is completely nameless. You can view IG testimonies and put up through this internet viewer anonymously.

You don’t need to have an account to log in to Insta. Thus, you may also view Insta money owed and profile snap shots via websites like Pickuki.

Picuki’s alternative internet site

There can be times while you urgently want Pickuki, and it stops running. You may get no results. For those conditions, you need to make backup web sites like Picuki.

An alternative website is smihub.Com.Co This device gives all of the centers which might be provided via Pickuki.

What is special approximately picuki website?

There are numerous functions that make it unique. Here are a few indexed beneath.

  • Download specific posts online without even signing in together with your instance ID.
  • You can also see that man or woman’s consumer records, which you is probably interested in.
  • No, you can view your hobby.
  • This is an at ease manner to browse downloaded posts.
  • It is the ideal internet site to be used with the Instagram app.
  • You can Download Instagram images and films using Picuki

You can download posts and films very effortlessly. For the equal, just observe those few steps :

  • Go to Picuki.Com on any web browser.
  • On the subsequent web page, kind the username inside the seek bar.
  • A list of accounts will seem with matching effects.
  • Click on the favored account.
  • Click on the preferred put-up.
  • Download the post from there.
  • How to edit pix using picuki.Com

Pickuki is the most effective unfastened Instagram viewer platform that allows you to edit images on line. One can edit the pix; saturation, colorings, hue, history, brightness, and publicity can be adjusted, and after this, you can download and store the images at once.

For enhancing pix, simply follow the stairs below:

  • Open the preferred photograph with Picuki.Com.
  • Click at the edit choice.
  • The subsequent web page can have all of the options to make diverse adjustments in the photograph.
  • Why is picuki now not running?

Due to technical troubles, once in a while it stops operating.

If this internet- the viewer isn’t always running, you may transfer to other websites, for instance, invewer.Com.

Download the Picuki app

There is no Pickuki app. As a result, you’ll be unable to download any such app from the Playstore. You can access it only inside the shape of a website.

What I can’t do with picuki internet site?

There is a list of sports that you could’t perform on Picuki. All the ones are listed under.

  • You can not publish photos and videos.
  • Touch upon someone’s post.
  •  likes a person’s posts.
  • Tag everybody.
  • Positioned a tale.
  • Message to anybody.
  •  share posts and motion pictures with every body.
  • Join stay


In this article, we mentioned the Instagram Viewer and Editor device: Picuki.

We additionally protected the diverse functions and uses of this tool. The technique of viewing and downloading posts, tales, movies, and photographs is also stated above.

Now that you recognise about this, you will be capable of have access to diverse capabilities using Picuk, which you are not able to perform the usage of the main insta app.

If you located the above information interesting and useful, do percentage it together with your buddies and own family. You can also pass and revel in the “replicate picture app” of Ig.:

Is Picuki criminal to use ?

Yes. Pickuki is prison to apply. It is a wonderfully at ease and certified internet site.

Is Picuki secure?

Yes. Pickuki is perfectly secure and comfy for use. It doesn’t ask for any permission or cookies even as being used. It is completely secure for your tool as nicely.

Can I block a person on Picuki? Yes. You can block human beings the usage of Picuki. You just want to go to the insta profile, click on the 3-dotted menu. Then, click on “Block. The account may be blocked

Can I use the Picuki tool without cost?

Yes. This tool is completely unfastened. You don’t want to have any subscription ,login or set up to apply this tool.

Can I see the red key (personal account)?

No. It isn’t always viable to peer private accounts using this tool. You will have an nameless look of the general public money owed best. Various well-known personalities and actor/actresses have their accounts often public.

Will people get to recognise while you look at Picuki?

No. This internet site gives you a totally nameless identification. This means at the same time as the usage of this tool you’ll have no identity. You may have a take a look at someone’s posts, profile pix and stories without everyone knowing.

Does Picuki Have a Mobile App

No. Picuki doesn’t have any Mobile App. It is just an online internet site. There isn’t any such software available on playstore. You can get entry to it best on any seek engine. This is a fantastic sign because it doesn’t require any area as properly.