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How To Plan Your Dream Wedding Day – Step Wise Guide

How To Plan Your Dream Wedding Day – Step Wise Guide 

Weddings are often regarded as the most special day in our lives. First, we wait for our true significant other and when we get to meet them, we all desire for the wedding day to be one of the best highlights of our lives and serve to be a grand beginning as well. However, while the excitement is always on the rise, planning the wedding day and getting your ideas implemented by any of the best wedding planners Indianapolis is not as easy as it may seem. 

There are a lot of steps involved that you have to take care of beforehand and that is where our guide for you begins. 

Enjoy Being Engaged First

Your engagement period is going to be that one time in your life where you get to know each other and really try to become an integral part of your significant other’s life. So, while you’re in it, try to enjoy it as much as you can by kissing each other and cherishing every moment to the maximum.  On the engagement day, you can also try to be a bit more romantic by dedicating some words to your loved one as that eventually is going to matter a lot in times to come to strengthen your relationship with each other. 

With that being said, once you are fully ready to get married after the engagement period, here comes the other important parts. 

Telling Your Parents

Here comes the most important because after all parents are always worried about thinking the best for their children and their opinion does matter for your marriage as well. Our recommendation here would be to start taking baby steps and by that, we mean to act more responsible, show parents that you are settled down financially and can take care of your significant other before you move on telling them about why you want to marry the girl or guy you love. 

Set The Date

Choose a date that is more special to you and while you are at it, you should also consider whether the people who should be at your marriage would be able to make it or not. The reason why we are stressing upon taking care of the comfort of your guests is that in the end, they are going to be an important part of your celebration and without your dear ones around you on your wedding day, it can feel a bit empty. Hence, to avoid any such problem, we would suggest you set a date that should ideally go well with everyone. 

Making The Announcement

If you want us to be honest, then the way you’re going to make the announcement will set the tone for your wedding day as well, or even let’s say it will set the first impression of how you both as a couple would be. Gone are those days when people used to send invitation cards and in fact now we would suggest you send a customized gift like a candle which should have your invitation printed on it. As thoughtful as the idea is, it will also encourage the guests to attend your wedding day by all means because after all, you would really be making a very cute and unique announcement. 

Set The Budget

Normally, a lot of couples at this stage prefer going to the wedding planner and let him decide the budget. While this does provide the liberty to the planner for trying out new ideas to make your day special, but in return, it adds up as an extra financial burden on you which you have to bear in times to come. 

So, our suggestion would be to first set the budget that you and your significant other can manage on your own and we bet, you will find hundreds of ideas which you would be able to transform into reality for your wedding day. By doing so, you would only enjoy your day to the fullest without having to worry about the loans afterward. 

wedding planning

Choose The Location

While this usually is counted as the job of the planner, still if you want your wedding day to be full of personal experiences, then always select the location of the wedding on your own. It can be the place where the guy proposed to you or even a park that you both love going always. And once you are sure about any such location, only then move on contacting the wedding planner. 

The theme of The Wedding Day

Now comes the most important part of that can only be solved by a wedding planner. You have your budget set and you have provided the location where all arrangements should be made. It’s now the job of the wedding planner to provide you with wedding themes that should best fit your choices. For a start, you can always give some references to the planner or even guide them about the specific things that you would like on your wedding day and as there are great chances that such professionals may have fulfilled a demand like your before, therefore, you are then in safe hands to get your wedding location designed in the best way possible. 


Sometimes as some couples are rich, they always look out for wild ideas to try out for their wedding days. While there is no harm in trying out all the possibilities, still if you want to make your wedding day the best that anyone has seen, then you are also supposed to hire a company that is better than everyone else out there. You need a companion who should have the right connections to hire a celebrity for the event or even a professional dance performance. 

Now that the whole process is explained in detail about the wedding day (of course, there can be much more detail to it as well once you start planning out things) we hope you will take the right steps to make your special day into a memorable one.

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