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Popular Specializations in Law and Career Scopes in 2020

Popular Specializations in Law and Career Scopes in 2020 

Being a lawyer is a noble profession and gives the power to make a difference in people’s life. The journey of becoming a lawyer is long and filled with hard work and sincerity. Passing with flying colors as a lawyer is not where the journey ends, rather starts.

Career in law has several opportunities and healthy scopes. However, often law students get confused about the specialization options. If you are a student in India pursuing law, this article can be helpful and informative.

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Specialization in Law

There are multiple areas of specialization in the field of law. Whichever you choose, ensure you are passionate about it and love the learning process. If you are skeptical about this career choice, take the online aptitude test for career guidance to eliminate any doubts.

Influence is not a good ground for making career choices. We all are different individuals with different ideologies and mental capabilities. This is the reason why aptitude tests originated years ago.

Taking career ideas from parents or teachers or peers may not turn out to be good choices. A psychometric test helps students get an insight into careers that match their skill set.

Coming back to career in law, here are some popular specializations in law in 2020

  • Tax Law

India has multiple taxation systems imposed on various sectors of society. Some common taxes are primarily income tax, Goods and Service Tax (GST), franchises, real-estate tax, and more. Various complexities and issues occur due to these taxes thereby heightening the demand of tax lawyers in India. Tax lawyers are hired both by individuals and organizations. These professionals have a thorough knowledge of government tax policies and regulations.

  • International Law

With globalization on the rise, international relations need professionals to improve their ties. International lawyers deal with international affairs like customs, treaties and likewise deals that occur between countries. They also work on trade laws, immigration affairs, international employments, and more.


  • Corporate Law

Corporate law is a desirable specialization and allows lawyers to work with big companies and corporate organizations. Their primary job is to provide legal advice to companies about rights, regulations, and privileges. They also guide companies in legal proceedings, contract signing, and making important corporate decisions.


  • Intellectual Property Law

Intellectual property lawyers are very different from property lawyers. These individuals work to secure the rights regarding inventions and creations. These rights can be in the form of patents or copyrights. This ensures creators and inventors have their properties protected from infringement. This advanced specialization is gaining much popularity in the present day with advancement in technology.


  • Cyber Law

This specialization is fairly new to the list and deals with the legal aspect of everything online. Cybercrime is a common issue today and can be committed against anyone, individual, organization, and even the government. This specialization allows lawyers to protect their clients from such occurrences.

Scope of Law as a career

Becoming a lawyer does not necessarily mean handling legal proceedings in the court. Apart from pursuing the above specialization to open doors of opportunities, one can even explore other lines of work.

Legal Teacher: Becoming a professor of law, along with a popular specialization is a great career option in India as well as abroad.

Indian Legal Services: Each year an examination is conducted by the Government of India to hire legal professionals in various government sectors.

Legal Solicitor: To work as a legal advisor to various companies and guide them through legal situations.


The field of law is huge with numerous opportunities to grab. You just have to find out where your passion lies. If you are already a student pursuing law, choosing a specialization would be quite easy.


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