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The Most Popular On-Demand Ecommerce Mobile Apps In 2021

Adam Smith
Adam Smith
8 Min Read

First off let’s skim through a quick little short precis about an on-demand mobile app. “Waking up late on a Monday morning could be haunting; scarier than the nightmare you had during your sleep. As a result, you’re running aimlessly, dodging room obstacles, and shouting to whom it may concern. You’re late for the office so you didn’t hit the gym early before sunrise. It’s no less than a leg day for you. Shockingly, you hit your breaking point the moment you saw your punctured vehicle outside. You reached your smartphone in the pocket going through miscellaneous mobile apps. You clicked the Uber app for a speedy en-route to the office. This is what we call an on-demand app!”

These days people look for convenience in everything. It’s all due to the extensive digitalization of the consumer market, which is happening at a rapid pace. These days, even a mobile app game development agency offers on-demand mobile games services. It helps digital firms attract potential clients by adding a little fun to their business.

Furthermore, these have endless benefits that help individuals, groups, and even businesses act in a progressive cohort manner. For example, you can buy your groceries with a single click from the comforts of your home. Also, you can track your items in real-time through the on-demand grocery mobile app. These types of apps are customized to benefit both retailers and buyers. It’s easy to use with many products and other item options to choose from.

Benefits of on-demand mobile apps include speedy services, one-click cancellation, and multiple payment methods. It also shows push notifications for new products. The biggest advantage of them all; there are numerous available to choose from. The most popular ones are as follows:

1. Car-riding Services

These were the first types of smartphone mobile apps that gave rise to on-demand applications. Airbnb and Uber are the pioneers of personalized phone applications that open the world of opportunities. We all know that the world of transport is huge. It has a lot of potential. Almost every person needs to travel around to get things going. From little school-going children to an office worker, from a doctor to a car technician; all require traveling to get their destinations.

There are many daily commute travel apps also known as car-hailing services available to download. Some of the most popular ones include Uber, LYFT, Chariot, Scoop, Via, Careem, and many others.

2. Pharmacy delivery apps

What else could be better through an on-demand mobile app than to use it for emergency medical purposes. Today, there are lots of pharmaceutical companies that offer in-app smartphone services to their customers. The healthcare apps have skyrocketed in two years due to the COVID-19 pandemic. A patient with the coronavirus is advised to remain indoors. Thus, this type of on-demand mobile app has escalated in its popularity.

Now you can easily buy your medicine through these apps. Many categories are available in the app to help you manage your account. You can also avail of on-spot consultancy from doctors present online. As well, you’ll be able to find a list of symptoms for different diseases, a good choice of medicine from renowned brands, and lots of other options.

Some of the most popular pharmacy delivery services include MedPlus, PillPack, Amazon Pharmacy, CVS pharmacy, NetMeds, Capsule, and Walgreens Express, to mention a few.

3. On-demand Health Apps

This one is just like a pharmacy app but focuses more on specific diseases or disorders. Also, these health apps are connected to healthcare-based wearables such as a smartwatch. There are plenty of other options available as well when it comes to checking different health signals via on-demand mobile apps. We can now easily check a patient’s heart pulse rate, blood pressure, temperature, blood sugar levels, brain activities, and whatnot. The best smartwatches to track your in-app health activities include Fitbit Versa 3, Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 6, Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2, and Garmin Vivosmart 4.

4. Home Service on-demand Mobile apps

Nowadays, buying home-based services through a smartphone has become the mainstream. Now you can easily buy numerous house overhauling amenities without the need to go outdoors. The most popular home service is plumbing services that help with pipe repairs, clear drainage blockages, and other fixes and fittings. Other services available through on-demand mobile apps include carpentry, house renovation service, events decoration, and many others.

5. Car mechanic in-app services

On-demand mobile apps help us keep up with our lives in the most practicable way. And what better way it could be than those progressive car services apps. These apps are best for those who drive cars like professional racers, but lack knowledge about what’s happening behind the hood.

These apps are easy to use and have plentiful solutions for several vehicle fine-tuning services. You’re able to scroll through countless car technicians and find the right guys for your needs. Car services have no hidden charges except what you see on your phone screen. You don’t need to fill out a series of paperwork required beforehand. Besides, you get huge deals and discounts for car repairing services including many other benefits.

The most popular on-demand mobile apps for cars include Autocodes, Torque, Udemy, Shop Boss, Auto Parts Warehouse, and Repair Buddy. Moreover, mechanics also watch YouTube tutorials related to their field. It helps them improve their car repair skillset.

6. Bespoke Beauty apps

Need a facelift without lifting your feet? No problem! Now you can easily download an extensive collection of beauty apps to your smartphone. People often confuse these apps for photography apps available with in-built face filters used for image editing. Though you can use it for beautifying yourselves for the moment. Best apps in this regard include Facetune, Snapchat, Instagram, Sweet Snap, B612, Retrica, and lots more.

There are many beauty apps available you can use for multipurpose makeup services. Urban is known for home-based beauty remedies, Treatwell helps you with salon appointments, and bgX is your in-house hairstylist.


The list doesn’t end here, but several other services are happening on-to-go through in-app services. For instance, food ordering apps, laundry apps, babysitting apps, pet-walking apps, and whatnot.

Over the years, the need for popular custom-made smartphone applications has increased unexpectedly. The best part is the availability of multipurpose on-demand mobile apps. It’s because every person has a unique life routine due to their different duties. Some other benefits of on-demand mobile apps include fast-track services, one-click cancellation, multiple payment methods, and push notifications for new products/services.

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