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The Post Workout Recovery Basics

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If you had a rough workout session that has left you in pain and discomfort, you’re on the right page. Because we know some healing basics or shall we say post-workout recovery!!

Before we unravel what we have in store, let’s look at what happens after a strenuous or intense workout.

Many people experience muscle soreness which is a side effect of the stress we put on our muscles during exercise.

This is also called DOMS a.k.a. Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness that occurs within 6-8 hours either after a new activity or with a change in activity.

But, it can last up to 24-48 hours after the exercise and can cause you immense discomfort. Thereby, the need for understanding recovery basics becomes all the more important.

Now, let’s jump to what is really important,

Best Ways To Speed Up The Recovery Process After A Tough Workout

Stay Hydrated

This is the most crucial step.

One should make it a habit to drink water, before, during, and after your workout.

To keep fit you need to get those fluids back in your body which you are sweating out. But, hey! don’t chug. Take sips regularly and eat normal meals to restore balance.

Here’s a tip: Refrain from alcohol, as it can worsen dehydration and slow muscle repair. Trust us, you don’t want that!

Food As Fuel

Did You Know? Replacing your muscles’ energy stores is an essential part of recovery and food plays a crucial role in that.

After an intense workout, you tend to lose out on energy, and thereby comes the role of food into the picture.

Here’s a tip: Eat within 45 minutes post-workout and take a good amount of proteins and carbs, 3:1 (carbs to protein).

Consuming both carbs and protein after exercise maximizes protein and glycogen synthesis.

Many people take post-workout protein supplements for recovery and muscle gain which comes in handy after workouts since they are ready to eat or drink. They are great for fueling up energy levels instantly.

Plant proteins are especially in trend for their lightness on the stomach which makes them a great pick for athletes. If you are into fitness you can give a shot to Muscleblaze bGREEN plant protein made from pea and rice blend for enhancing athletic performance.

Never Skip Your Cooldowns

It is important to give yourself a good amount of cooling time to deliver oxygen to your muscles for releasing tension and promoting relaxation.

Here are some cooldowns you can try post-workout,

  • Light jogging or brisk walking
  • Upper body stretch
  • Seated forward bend
  • Knee to chest pose
  • Reclining butterfly pose

Inculcate Foam Rollers To Fight DOMS

Foam rollers after an intense workout help alleviating muscle fatigue and delay, i.e. DOMS.

It is a great way to enhance recovery by simply focusing on all major muscles you worked on, with an extra emphasis on the area that causes the most discomfort.


It works by stimulating blood flow in affected areas. The oxygen to muscle fibers eventually increases, reducing recovery time.

Sleep Is Eminent

Humans can barely perform their best when they are tired. The recovery process in addition is delayed in the absence of proper sleep.

Don’t believe us, believe science!

In one study it was seen that a single night of partial sleep deprivation resulted in impaired recovery caused by a high-intensity interval training (HIIT) session.

Moreover, it was found that cyclists’ who slept half their usual amount after the workout reflected a decrease in their power output the very next day in comparison with those who slept normally post-workout.

For sportsmen, a day after training might feel like this with back-to-back competitions and strenuous training sessions. Thereby, compromising on their sleep is not a healthy option.

The fatigue you experience post-workout can rob some of your workout momenta and nobody wants that.

This marks all the pointers we feel are essential to recovering after a HIIT or intense workout session. If you keep these pointers in check the chances are pretty good that you would be able to fight back DOMS and discomfort post-workout, making the most out of your intense exercise sessions.

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