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What Is PPC (Pay-Per-Click)? And Powerful Benefits of Using PPC Advertising

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is a marketing tactic used in advertising. In PPC, the advertisers or marketers pay fees whenever their ad gets clicked. PPC advertising Is usually associated with Ads from Google Ads, Bing Ads, Yahoo Advertising, and Amazon advertising. Many social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter also use PPC. The quality of the ad depends upon the cost. The ad rank depends on quality score and maximum cost-per-click ad.

Different Types of PPC

Before discussing the benefits of PPC. here’s a look at the eight different types of PPC:

  • Social Ad: In a social ad, the advertisers advertise their ads on a social media platform. It is one of the most convenient ways to reach and connect with social media users. The formatting of the ad depends on the requirement of customers. Social media advertisement is one of the most popular and engaging forms of advertising.
  • Search Ad: This kind of ad has ‘paid’ written on them. There are no visuals in these advertisements and they appear in Google search results. It is the most common form of advertisement.
  • Display Ad: Unlike the search ad, a display ad is in the form of pictures. These ads can be seen on the websites of Google partners. Display ads are target audience-specific.
  • Remarketing Ad: Remarketing ad strategy is widely used by various advertisers. These advertisements use the basic strategy of reshowing the products and websites, which you would have previously visited by reconnecting and showing a relevant ad.
  • Google Shopping Ad: In Google Shopping ads, the advertisement is shown with pictures along with its price. It is a kind of window-shopping advertisement.
  • Local Service Ad: It is a selective form of advertisement, which is only for a few sectors of markets. Local service ads include the phone number, name of the business, and rating.
  • In streams: Instreams pop up while you are viewing videos on YouTube or other online video streaming partners.
  • Gmail Sponsored Ad: Gmail sponsored ads are promotional ad emails. These kinds of emails usually come on the top of the mailbox.

Benefits of PPC

PPC is a smart way of advertising, and creates a new market, and generates brand recognition. Digital marketing agencies have also started providing this facility. And are using it as an essential marketing strategy.

Many digital marketing agencies in India provide guidance and services related to PPC.

The various benefits of Pay-Per-Click are:

  1. Immediate Results: The results generated by PPC are instantaneous. By using proper keywords and SEO-generated text and word choices, you can target the right audience. This kind of targeting also converts the normal viewers of your products to participating or active customers.
  2. Increases Brand Recognition: When your advertisement is visible on different platforms, people recognize it. The customers can also view the products easily as it is just a click away. The more you interact with customers, the more business you will generate.
  3. Budget Regulation: The advertisers need to pay only when someone clicks on their ad. Many people may find PPC expensive, but in the end, it is worth the price. Paying a small amount for PPC advertising and in return increasing the number of customers and generating more market is not at all a bad deal.
  4. Exclusive Features: Pay-per-click ads provide endless features. You can customize it as per your needs. The best feature is that you can manage multiple campaigns and track your records.
  5. Easily Compete with Big Businesses: Unlike big businesses, small start-ups don’t have so much monetary support. But using PPC, you can increase the brand value and make your business more prominent. The services provided by PPC ease the process of product marketing and create healthy competition.

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Pay-per-click is extremely helpful in generating traffic. The lack of proper knowledge about this niche created a sense of confusion in the minds of budding entrepreneurs.  The rapid growth of digital marketing in India has now contributed to the growth of PPC.

For many new users, PPC might be a bit challenging. But it entirely depends upon keyword search, quality score, business domain, and many more things. If you have the proper knowledge and understanding of these features of marketing. You can grasp PPC within no time.