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How To Prepare Your Home For Storm Season?
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How To Prepare Your Home For Storm Season? 

By definition, a hurricane occurs in the Northern Hemisphere and can be described as a tropical storm with winds rotating in a counter-clockwise direction at over 74 miles an hour. The calm “eye” of the storm is the center of the hurricane and usually is 20-30 miles across. The area just outside of the eye is the “eyewall”.

This is typically the most destructive and violent section of the storm. When measuring a hurricane, you will find that one hurricane can be up to 400 miles across or even much larger. Hurricanes are also described as a tropical cyclone, which they are a type of.

Some other types of cyclones other than hurricanes are a tropical depression with wind speeds of approximately 38 miles per hour or less; and a tropical storm with wind speeds of 39-73 miles per hour. Hurricanes can develop from a tropical storm or depression and can also downgrade from a hurricane to a tropical storm or depression.

Hurricane Alerts:

The first step in alerting the public about a hurricane occurs when the National Weather Service (NWS) issues a Hurricane Advisory. The media and other weather service agencies are told the size, speed, and the current location of the storm, along with its projected path.

The next step will be a hurricane watch, which is given when the hurricane is within 36 hours of landfall. When the distance from landfall is 24 hours, a hurricane warning is issued. Every advisory issued will include important information regarding watches, alerts, and warnings of any hurricane located within 300 miles.

This information given about hurricanes by officials to the public is extremely relevant. This information gives the people in the hurricane’s projected path time needed to prepare and evacuate if needed.

To Prepare For A Hurricane:

If you live in a location often frequented by these storms or threatened by their projected path, there are certain preventative measures you should take. Put extra bracing on the roof trusses and the garage door. Put plywood covers measured exactly the fit to cover your windows, or put a large duct tape X across the window for resistance.

Also, you should trim long branches of trees so that they do not create havoc. Examine all trees in your house and if you find any damaged or decayed tree, then immediately remove it by calling tree removing professionals like cheap tree removal Sydneycontractors. 

The most important thing is to start the preparations before the season when hurricanes appear. Normally, wind and rain do not cause a lot of damage in regular situations, but during a powerful storm, things tend to start wandering around. You will be surprised at how easy things can get smashed in a storm.

A chair or even a branch can be the destroyers of your windows and doors without too much effort. Not to mention that if you add the wind or rain that blows through your house, the flood will not be far behind and can cause serious damage like blowing your roof from inside.


It might not be the same as the local building codes, but marine plywood is one of the most famous and cheapest methods to protect yourself and your house in situations of this kind. Try to cut plywood panels that can fit through the openings and position them with screws. Don’t use plywood from former years because they can wrap while in storage. In this case, wind can push it and tear off the entire window.


This type of glass (very similar to the safety glass used in car windshields), the hurricane glass to be precise, is made of a thin plastic sheet that is bordered by two sheets of glass. It is regularly replacing the standard window glass. Besides this, lots of people use plywood and shutters to protect their windows.

Storm Shutters:

Storm shutters that are made out of plastic, steel, or aluminum represent a type of permanent item that can protect the windows by covering them before the storm starts. This is one of the most affordable solutions for boarding up and, of course, the most practical one. Furthermore, lots of insurance companies offer discounts for storm shutters, helping your budget.


To protect their doors during storms, lots of homeowners choose strong metal or wood doors that have fewer chances to be destroyed by flying things. If the area where you live is predisposed to stronger effects, the boarding up preparations have to be made in advance.

Usually, when hurricanes are announced, the stores that provide plywood often run out of it. The other two choices (glass and shutters) can also encounter delays in ordering and installing. Not to mention that you have better chances of buying the products at lower prices in the off-season.

That’s because people do not tend to get supplies when it is not the case. It doesn’t matter where you live because preparations need to be made, regardless of location. Don’t forget about a portable weather radio and remember to buy a crank radio that can work without batteries or power sources.

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