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Process and Formalities for Opening an FD Account

Fixed Deposits (FDs) are a dependable investment option. Known for their stable returns and capital security, they are chosen by millions of Indians every year. With various choices available, such as tax-saving FDs and senior citizen FDs, you can tailor your investment to meet specific goals. Plus, the process of opening an FD account has become as easy as learning about the fixed deposit rates, thanks to digital advancements.

Whether you choose a tax-saving FD or a flexi FD, the steps to open an account remain fairly consistent across financial institutions. The simplicity of this process ensures a prompt start to build your wealth. Learn the general steps and formalities to open an FD account so you can take the first step to wealth building.

Opening a Fixed Deposit account at the bank

Opening an FD account at a bank demands a few simple steps. Here’s a guide to help you through the process:

*Download the Application Form: If you hold a savings account with the bank, obtain the FD application form from their official website.
*Complete the Form: Fill in the form with essential details, specifying the desired tenure and deposit amount.
*Submission at the Branch: Visit the bank and submit the duly filled application form.
*Nominee Details: Some banks may require information about your nominee. Ensure you have accurate details if needed.
*Funds Availability: Confirm that your savings account holds sufficient funds to cover the FD amount.
*On-Site Form Request: If you prefer not to download the form beforehand, simply ask the bank’s staff for a physical copy when you visit the branch.

Opening a Fixed Deposit Account through Net Banking

Opening an account via net banking is a simple process. Here are the steps for a seamless process:

*Log In to Net Banking: Visit the bank’s website and log in using your username and password.
*Navigate to Deposit Options: Look for options like ‘Open Deposit Account’ or ‘Open a Fixed Deposit Account’ on the net banking interface.
*Select FD Amount and Tenure: Choose the desired amount and tenure for your deposit.
*Complete Personal Details: Fill in essential details such as the nominee’s name, address, etc.
*Authentication and Approval: Approve and authenticate the transfer from your savings account to your fixed deposit account.

Opening a Fixed Deposit Account via Mobile App

FDs through mobile apps is a seamless process. If you hold a savings account with the bank, follow these steps:

*Download the Mobile App: Visit the app store on your device. Search and download the mobile application.
*Log In Using Your Credentials: Open the app and log in using your existing credentials for the bank.
*Find ‘Open Deposit Account’ or Similar option: Navigate through the app’s menu to locate options like ‘Open Deposit Account’ or ‘Open a Fixed Deposit Account’ options.
*Choose Amount and Tenure: Select the desired amount and tenure you wish to invest.
*Fill in the Rest of the Details: Complete the necessary fields with your personal information with accuracy.
*Approve Transfer from Savings Account: Authorise the funds transfer from your linked savings account.

Eligibility Criteria for Opening an FD Account

The following entities are eligible to apply for a regular FD online,

*Hindu Undivided Families
*Sole Proprietorship Firms
*Partnership Firms
*Limited Companies
*Trust Accounts
*Non-Resident Indians (NRIs)
*Minors with Guardianship

Your Savings Account must be KYC verified for eligibility. Ensure compliance with these criteria to initiate the process seamlessly.

Documents Required for Opening an FD Account

Certain documents are required to facilitate the smooth opening of your fixed deposit account. Ensure you have the following:

Identity and Address Proof (OVD):

*Driving Licence from the Regional Transport Authority
*Voter ID
*NREGA job card (signed by a State Government Officer)
*Letter from the National Population Register
*Aadhaar card

Communication Address Proof:

*Utility Bill (not older than 2 months): electricity, telephone, post-paid mobile, piped gas, water
*Property Tax Bill (not older than one year)
*Letter of Allotment for accommodation from the employer (State Government, Central Government Departments, statutory or regulatory bodies, public sector undertakings, scheduled commercial banks, financial institutions, and listed companies)
*Leave and Licence agreement (with the employer mentioned in the agreement, containing the customer’s name as the employee)
*Pension or family pension payment orders issued by government departments or public sector undertakings, provided they contain the address.

In case your initial address proof lacks your communication address, update the OVD within three months of account opening.

Do note, that if you have a savings account with the bank where you are wanting to open an FD account, these or some of these documents may not be required, as they already have these.


With a clear understanding of the process and the steps involved, optimising your banking experience is within easy reach. Use the efficiency of net banking and mobile apps to save both time and effort in managing your FD accounts. Using digital platforms expedites the process and offers a convenient option for monitoring and controlling your investments and staying on top of fixed deposit rates. This modern approach aligns seamlessly with the fast-paced nature of contemporary banking, ensuring a hassle-free experience.


Q: Can you open a Fixed Deposit account online?
A: Yes, many financial institutions provide the option to open a Fixed Deposit (FD) account through their online platforms, streamlining the process for added convenience.

Q: What documents are required for opening a Fixed Deposit account?
A: Generally, you will need proof of identity, proof of address, and passport-sized photographs. Specific document requirements may vary among different banks.

Q: Are there different types of Fixed Deposits available?
A: Yes, various types include tax-saving FDs, senior citizen FDs, and cumulative or non-cumulative FDs. Choosing the right type depends on your financial goals.

Q: How long does it take to open a Fixed Deposit account?
A: With the advancements in digitisation, opening a Fixed Deposit account has become quicker. The process can take as little as a few minutes online, while offline processing may take a bit longer.

Q: Can you withdraw your Fixed Deposit before maturity?
A: Yes, premature withdrawal is possible, but it may attract a penalty or affect the interest rate. Terms and conditions regarding premature withdrawal vary among banks.

Q: Is there a minimum deposit amount for Fixed Deposits?
A: Yes, most banks have a minimum deposit requirement to open an FD account. The minimum amount varies, so checking with the specific bank to meet their criteria is essential.