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Today, most of us have become fitness enthusiasts. Sportswear is not only worn by athletes, but ordinary people also wear them for casual wear, or by those fitness enthusiasts who are fond of doing workouts. As sportswear gives us the comfort of moving excessively, it is undeniable that it will absorb some of our sweat, making it have a sweaty smell after our activities.
Did you know that washing your sportswear requires a little bit of effort than other clothes? What would be the best laundry tip for sportswear? Since you are fond of wearing sportswear, you have to know the following facts about them:

  • Most sportswear is stamped, colored, and printed, which is typical for athletic wear. If you want to keep your sportswear color to be fresh-looking and bright, you have to wash them properly. 
  • Sportswear or athleisure clothes are made from high tech fabrics. It has its cleaning requirements to follow. The care label instructions will help you maintain their high tech properties, size, and clothes last longer. You have to wash and dry them according to the care instructions.
  • Lastly, washing sportswear properly is a matter of personal hygiene. Wearing these clothes make you prominent to sweat and could be a medium for bacterial growth. So, wash them properly to avoid foul odors.

Continue reading the article as we will talk about the proper ways of caring for sportswear. Here are a few tips.

How to Properly Care Sportswear

Whether you are wearing sportswear for training, hitting the gym, or for your casual wear– whichever purpose, your sportswear needs the proper attention, and you have to know how to provide the best care for these types of garments.

Immediately Wash Sportswear. Do Not Delay.

Do not wait for a full laundry load to wash and clean your sportswear. The materials of these athleisure clothes are commonplace for bacterias to develop as it absorbs moisture.

If you allow sweaty sportswear in your laundry hamper, there is an excellent chance that the whole hamper will turn out smelly. It would require a high water temperature to remove the unpleasant smell from your clothes.

Avoid delays in washing sweaty sportswear. Immediately launder it to remove any smell and stains.

Always Check the Care Label on the Sportswear

Each type of clothing has its care instructions on its tag. Always check the care label before washing your clothes, especially for sportswear and delicate garments. They have special requirements for washing, drying, and ironing.

Most athletes prefer the care tags to be cut off as it bothers them during competitions or training. If you are one of them, make sure to read them first and mark the label of which clothing it is from and keep it for future reference.

As for most sportswear, if you use a warmer temperature on washing your sportswear, there is a higher chance that it will shrink and fade your athletic clothes’ color. That’s why washing your sportswear in low or cold temperatures is vital to avoid shrinking and damaging it.

There are three absolute DONTs on washing your athleisure clothes:

  • Do not wash them in warm water. It will shrink and damage the clothes even on single washing.
  • Do not iron sportswear. Most athleisure clothes are labeled as non-iron. Indeed, if you try it, the sportswear fabric will get burned or stained as the iron touches it. 
  • Do not put it inside a dryer if the care label says so. It would indeed shrink your sportswear.

Separate Sportswear with Other Clothes

It is not environmentally-friendly to wash each sportswear separately. But, you do not want to compromise the safety of your clothes. So, what you could do is to separate them from other garments.

Do not wash them with towels or fleece as lint can transfer to your sportswear, and they could be hard to remove. Also, do not wash them with clothes that have hard items. The zippers may graze the soft synthetic fabric of your sportswear.

Do Not Use Bleach or Fabric Softener

Our sportswear is at risk for stains during training. You might consider bleaching your clothes as a solution for stained whites– do not do this with your athleisure garments. It will damage the fibers of your clothes. Instead, if you are worried about stains, you can pre-treat them before washing or choose a laundry detergent that can remove tough stains.

Also, fabric softeners are not recommended for sportswear. Athleisure clothes are made from synthetic materials and high-technology fabrics. Softeners can damage these properties. Sports garments are soft; if it becomes stiff after drying, it will typically return to its natural softness.

Always follow these tips on properly caring for your sportswear to ensure it will have a longer lifetime and, most importantly, you are wearing it hygienically. If you do not have time to launder it your own, you can hire laundry services to have your sportswear, and other clothes washed and cleaned for you.

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