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Qualified & Resourceful Cyber Security Consultants – FAQs and Pre-Requisites
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Qualified & Resourceful Cyber Security Consultants – FAQs and Pre-Requisites 

Since it was first evolved, there have been drastic changes in the way we address our cyber security in the current world. If you think about what these cyber security systems are pitted against, there’s a 114-year-old history of hackers trying to secure information that could rapidly end an organization even before it has started to grow.

Simply put, hackers, malware software and other such inclusions of the dark side of the internet have upgraded to take down almost any cyber security system in place. This not only enables them to reach information that was meant to be classified but also gives them the tools to misuse that information on a daily basis.

Talking about cyber security is the need of this generation because all our ideas, innovations and continued excellence lies on portals, websites and emails – which can very well fall into the wrong hands. All your expertise may not work when a certain hacker decides to invade your system and take away information, which isn’t supposed to be made public.

What is effective Cyber Security?

Effective cyber security is not just about securing your networks, as the modern-day hackers target servers and websites instead. So when the approach of the villains of this system has changed, we need to find new heroes who’ll understand and safeguard us from threats – both internal and external.

Not just about data loss –

When cyber criminals target your data, it is not just that particular information that is at risk. Organizations and big MNCs, under the EU guidelines, have been forced to pay heavy sums as penalties for not being able to protect their customers’ identity and data. If the new guidelines are to be believed, a company can easily go bankrupt if levied with a hefty fine for failing to protect a data theft.

A few firms do not even have the sufficient funds to pay these penalties let alone track down the culprits or hire a cyber security consultancy to look into it. But you should not make the same mistake. Every type of data is vulnerable and anything that has to do with taking and storing personal information should be protected with the right pieces in place.

Frequently asked questions that you should be asking yourself before having a cyber security consultancy firm in place to protect your data and assets -:

You should already know that having a robust cyber security team in place already saves you from 30-40% of the threats. Additionally though, you cannot stop there. To produce results without being affected from any cyber-criminal activity, you must be clear about the type of security they’re providing and the areas they’re focusing on initially.

Remember to ask these questions to your cyber security consultant –

  1. Whether you are protected using a two-factor authentication system (2FA)

2FA is most advanced and effective way to stop others from hacking your account. Mostly used for a variety of banking and finance-related applications, 2FA serves as the golden standard for most cyber security consultancy firms.

  1. Ask about the second factor and what is effective for your accounts from the following:

2FA or two-factor authentication lets you choose from a) a unique biometric pattern, b) verification code on your mobile, credit card, etc. and, c) a password protected account with some security questions in place.

  1. Check for backups and how frequently your accounts are being backed-up in case of emergency.

Ransomware technique enables hackers and cyber-criminals to destroy the original source of all your data so you cannot restore it from the back-up. This is a big problem that has caused big firms to lose a hell lot of money. That is why it is essential to secure your back up systems and regularly check for loopholes to avoid it from getting wiped out from the very existence.

  1. Ensure all the systems are updated and have the latest version of software in place

Hackers, especially the ones in 2020, have come up with mystic ways to get past your security servers and software. They find loopholes in the system or a bug that has not been resolved due to a failed software update and this can actually hamper all your meticulous planning in a single go. Ensure that the operating systems are updated, regularly checked and boosted with new features to solve the security menace.

  1. On-the-job training for employees

Employees are the key to your entire organization. If they do not follow protocols and safety procedures having a cyber security consultancy in place may still not be enough. A wrong click can bypass all your safety procedures and cyber-security systems leaving you embarrassed. Thus, it is essential to pay attention on your employees and train them according to the systems in place.

Analyse the cyber-security plan and come up with an emergency plan –

After settling your employees and putting in place an effective cyber security consultancy in place, you still cannot give yourself the time to fall complacent. Analysing trends and coming up with a contingency plan in case everything fails is the ideal way to go about it.

To manage cyber security, you must work proactively with the consultancy supervising your organization. There’s no other way that you can foresee the type of problems your systems can face and the threats that exist despite all security-checks.

Regardless of your business size and organisational standing – your cyber security should be thorough and seamless.

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