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Rawlings Baseball Gloves for Winning Plays – Catch the Game

Serious ball players know a quality glove makes all the difference between fumbling a critical play or nailing a stellar catch. For over a century, Rawlings has handcrafted premium gloves with pro-preferred designs guaranteed to boost confidence and capabilities on the diamond. Between their Heart of the Hide leather, custom pro patterns, position-specific features, advanced protective elements, and special break-in services, these gloves help athletes catch the game like the pros

Pro-Style Construction for Optimal Performance

Rawlings configures their gloves using proven construction techniques perfected working with professional players. Every structural detail aims to provide the fit, feel, flexibility and functionality infielders, outfielders and catchers need to field cleanly.

Heart of the Hide Leather – Soft yet Durable

It starts with the unmatched quality of their full-grain Heart of the Hide leather preserved for suppleness through proprietary tanning methods. The hides develop a rich patina over years of play while staying free of stiffness or cracking from weathering. It’s trusted by more MLB stars than any other brand.

Pro Grade Lacing and Binding for Structure

Rawlings also employs advanced lacing and binding techniques that add structural reinforcement comparable to game-used pro gloves. This fortifies shape retention season after season to maintain adequate pocket depth and hand protection.

Player-Preferred Shaping and Patterns

In addition to construction, they design patterns modeled directly after game day preferences of elite team players. This allows amateurs to benefit from the same enhanced ergonomics, responsive breakpoints, ideal finger slotting and other shaping nuances that give the pros their performance edge – all while occasional website coupon codes like the Rawlings coupon code offering 20% off the heart of the hide gloves make it easier to score big savings.

Ultra-Padded Palm for Catchers

The catcher’s position demands gloves providing ample palm and wrist padding to subdue ball impact. Specific catcher’s mitts from Rawlings utilize extra-thick foam fused straight into leather instead of stitched segments that can shift. This creates uniform dampening across the entire palm.

Reinforced Webbing in Outfielder’s Gloves

For outfielders springing into action snagging fly balls and line drives, gloves need heavily reinforced webbing and deep pockets for securing catches on the run. Their Pro Preferred outfielder patterns add a second layer of full-grain leather along webbing for 2x the structure and ball security.

Snug Fit and Responsiveness for Infielders

Infield positions like shortstop and third base require exceptional dexterity and ball control when maneuvering quickly. To give infielders an advantage, Rawlings DPs and infield mitts incorporate tactile, index-finger padded welting so players “feel” the ball better through the leather. Snug, contoured shaping prevents excess bulk.

Custom Steam Treatments

While Heart of the Hide leather arrives supple, new gloves still need a proper break-in regimen to relax the leather and lining. Through their Glove Steamer customization, Rawlings loosens and forms gloves to each athlete’s exact hand measurements using precision steam tubes. This shaves weeks off standard break-in times.

Player-Worn-In and Relic Options

For even faster readiness straight out the box, players can now purchase mitts pre-conditioned by professional players themselves during spring training. These gloves arrive directly molded to pro hands, eliminating the majority of amateur prep needed. Collector’s edition Relic gloves feature game-used MLB leather.

Coolflo Ventilation System

Hours of play under the sweltering sun intensifies hand sweat leading to slippage and blisters. Rawlings combats heat buildup using their Coolflo technology – a combination of mesh back panels, perforated palms, and airflow channels that circulate air through the glove interior. Athletes benefit from cooler, drier hand climates.

Gel Padding and Wrist Supports

Finally, strategic gel padding injections add supplemental impact absorption and comfort beyond standard foam or padding. Foam-fused wristbands bolster structural support to protect small bones and tendons vulnerable to hyperextension when making forceful catches. Together they prevent injury and instability.


Success in baseball requires reliable equipment amplifying capabilities out on the field. For gloves upholding both legacy and innovation, Rawlings leads the way with premium leather construction, patterns honed by pros, position-specific reinforcement, accelerated break-in treatments, plus protective features shielding against abrasion and impact. Don’t hesitate to step up your glove game and catch like the big league players.


What is Rawlings’ Heart of Hide leather?

Heart of the Hide refers to leather made from the center portion of steer hides which contains the densest grain concentrations. Rawlings hand-selects the most flawless sections for superior strength, consistency and patina development.

Can any glove be used at any position?

While technically yes, gloves designed specifically for positions like catcher and first base provide protective and functional advantages over standard fielder’s mitts. evaluate padding needs and ideal pocket types.

How do you know what size baseball glove to get?

For proper glove sizing, measure hand length from the tip of the ring finger to the wrist crease. Round up to the nearest inch, then add another inch for growing room if still younger than mid-teens. Most adult gloves fall between 11 and 13 inches.

Should a baseball glove be tight or loose?

Proper glove fit means snug through the fingertips and palm with adequate space for hand insertion/removal without resistance or excess material bunching inside. The wings should feel light and maneuverable – not bulky.

How can you soften a stiff new leather glove fastest?

Use a glove mallet or ball on the pocket, steam treat, rub conditioner inside, play catch frequently to naturally break it in through use, or inquire about Rawlings’ custom steam forming and player break-in services.