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How to Read Label on the USA Medicine Boxes
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How to Read Label on the USA Medicine Boxes 

No matter what kind of medicine you would buy, you need to read all the details written on the label to figure out whether the medicine will be suitable for your health condition or not. Yet, sometimes it could be overwhelming to read completely as some labels might contain a huge amount of text. As a consequence, you might skip them all. Well, one thing you should note is, even when you need to get a sunscreen, you would have to read the label before buying it. So, here are the important parts of medicine labels on the USA medicine boxes that you need to read and understand.

The Purpose

The medicines that you could find easily all over the counter will clearly write the purpose of the products on the medicine packaging boxes. For instance, you would easily read the purpose of a sunscreen is to protect your skin from the sunlight.

Or else, painkiller tablets will detail what types of pain you could get relieved by taking the tablets. In brief, the purpose of the products that are written on the label is a compulsory thing for you to read.

A different case applies to prescription medicines. These types of medicines usually don’t print the purpose of their custom medicine boxes. Why? Because you would only get these medicines as your doctor’s prescription and your doctor would decide their purpose according to your health condition.

Instructions to Use

Every single medicine will mention the instructions to use, whether directly on the medicine packaging or it will be included in a small instruction leaflet inside the packaging. These instructions will guide you on how you should take medicine. For example, you might find the instruction such as ‘take once daily’ or ‘take every 4 hours’, and so on.

These instructions are important as each medicine could have different dosage from others. What’s more, the instructions will also guide you on how much and how long you could take the medicines. If you are still confused about the measurement, then you could always consult with your doctor or pharmacist to help you out.


Almost all medicines have side effects. The side effects here don’t mean that you would get any complication or something worst. Instead, the side effects mean that these medicines might cause such an effect that is not their anticipated purpose. These effects will typically appear as the reaction of your body to these medicines. For example, you might be experiencing nausea or rashes after taking the medicines.

Thus, the ‘Warning’ section is something that you should never skip when reading the label on medicine packaging boxes. In fact, even if you would only need a simple skin lotion, you need to understand the side effects that might appear to make you stay safe.

Expiry Date

Without any doubt, the expiry date is a ‘must’ read the part on any medicine label. In fact, many times, we might be unaware that we have some old medicines that might have expired for months or even years ago. The drugs that have expired can cause serious side effects.

So, always make sure to look for the expiry date of the medicines, which is usually printed underneath the medicine packaging boxes. In case you can’t find it, then you should ask the pharmacist to show you where to look at the expiration date of medicine you need to buy.

Storage Instructions

Last but not least, you need to check out the storage instructions to keep your medicines in their best conditions. As we have acknowledged, some types of medicines might require you to store them in the fridge, while some others will instruct you to keep them in a dry place.

To be noted, storing your medicines according to the storage instructions will keep the medicines to last longer and safe for you to use. Hence, don’t forget to check the storage instructions for each medicine you need.

Wrapping Up

Many times, we might have no time to read the label on custom medicine boxes when buying medicines. However, you need to understand that all the details mentioned there are important. So, if you only have a little time, then at least you should read the vital parts discussed above and never take your health for granted.

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