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Remote Work and Learning: Speed up Your Home Internet Connection

As many of us have started working from home, figuring out all the basics of your internet connection has become crucial.

With coronavirus outbreak still managing to keep us away from previous normal working routine, working on your remote working essentials is necessary.

The major importance goes to home internet at this point. Without having a strong ad reliable internet connection, you cannot expect to give out your best performance at work at such times.

While there is a list of great internet service providers like WOW internet that offers high-speed internet service at affordable rates for customers, people are still struggling to replace their slow internet connection with better options.

There can be a lot of factors to grasp why your internet connection is not performing efficiently during the time when it has to perfect. One reason could be that you always had a slow internet connection, but because of minimal usage before the coronavirus days, you never gave deep thought to it.

But apart from this, the coronavirus outbreak has vividly changed the home dynamics, which has resulted in increased use of home internet.

Many students are home along with workers and also those who consume the internet for entertainment purposes. The constant demand of internet consumers has sparked high internet usage. So, if you had slow-performing internet service, you must be experiencing some of the most troublesome days of your life.

There is always a chance to replace your current internet connection with better options, but even for that, you need to know about the bandwidth required in your home.

Understanding Bandwidth

Drinking soda from a straw is easy peasy, but if you have had the dreading experience of having a thick milkshake from a straw, you will understand bandwidth much better.

The internet bandwidth concept goes something like this:

The data you transmit on the internet, which can be a simple text or an email, requires very little bandwidth. However, a 4K video stream requires a lot more bandwidth, just like a milkshake requires more sipping energy when being drunk through a straw.

While you can watch the 4K video from any bandwidth, by downloading it first and then watching it, but if you want to stream it just by clicking then, your internet pipe needs to be wider.

So now in the pandemic, the internet consumed in your home is not only required to see email or text. Instead, it is being consumed to take classes online, play video games, stream the show on internet streaming platforms, watch movies, and for work purposes.

So, if you want to watch a movie at 4K, then your connection required is 20 Mbps.

While the easy way as we suggested is to get a better internet connection such as WOW! internet that offers high-speed internet enough to accommodate all internet-based needs in your home.

But if you want to try a few things on your own for the time being, then here are some ways that can help you speed up your internet connection:

Move Router

The common tip, bring your router closer.

One basic mistake we do in our homes is to place routers at weird places. Behind the closet, inside the closet, behind a pile of clothes, on top of the cupboard, below the table and, many other weird places that can hide the presence of a router in your home, should not be your choice.

Instead, what you should do is make sure your router is closer to the room or in the room where you work. If not possible, then place the router at the center of your home so that all devices can catch an appropriate range.

Use an Ethernet Cable

Just in case you forgot, Ethernet cables still exist. And no, Ethernet was not only made to be used in workplaces, but they were also made to make sure your devices catch proper internet to work effectively.

Ethernet cables are stable and can help your devices in consuming the best range of home internet.

Upgrade Router

You might not see it, but the router is getting old. If you have tried everything to improve the performance of your network, but nothing helped, then it is time to change your router.

If you live in a large house, then it is crucial to have a modern-day router that can broadcast signals to the furthest of the home.

Bottom Line

While working or learning from home, you need to take care of the requirements for functioning properly, stable internet connection tops the chart.