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Revolutionary Disruptive Tech and BPO Industry: The Alliance

Revolutionary Disruptive Tech and BPO Industry: The Alliance 

Bpo has conventionally been seen as a way to cost-cutting and an effective means of gaining increased profitability. However, in the last couple of years, there has come a revolutionary transformation in the said industry, owing to the emergence of disruptive techs, such as AI, automation, cloud computing, data analytics, among many others. At present, the firms that are highly successful, and are leading their respective market segments, are the ones leveraging advanced tech to their maximum advantage.

Importance level of disruptive technologies as per the CIOs Globally (2019)


 As per a Statista study, which involved taking opinion from the CIOs of organizations regarding the role of disruptive tech at their respective firms, 40% of them confirmed that AI/Machine Learning is offering the maximum scope for their organization to grow profitability. 

4 Disruptive Technologies Transforming the BPO Sector 


Consumers in this digital age expect the businesses to be technologically efficient on their digital and e-commerce front. People these days are quite impatient and don’t like to wait long for their ordered product to be delivered, or the processing of their digital transactions. In terms of customer service, users expect the highest degree of customer hospitality in the context of query management and address.

Nowadays, chatbots and robots offer customer support of the highest standards. These automated customer-centric tools are quickly becoming mainstream, with top organizations across industries, leveraging these disruptive tools that offer automated support, which eliminates humans.

Robotic process automation is a new trend in the BPO domain that has gained significant popularity, of late. It offers heavy cost-cutting, alongside providing for high-value creation. Also, you extract value out of the said tech in less duration.

Cloud Technology

The BPO industry is fast leveraging cloud tech to store huge piles of sensitive data. With access to cloud storage, you don’t need physical storage infrastructure of your own to collect and accumulate organizational data. It leads to a significant cost-cutting for the concerned BPO firm. Besides, you get a robust level of data privacy and security. 

Cloud tech is highly cost-efficient in the context of the conventional heavy investments on infrastructure-building for data storage and management. It’s going to play a crucial role in empowering the Next Gen BPO firms with domain-specific solutions and capabilities, thereby soaring the outsourcing benefits by many folds. 

Diversified Tech Platforms of Communication

Those days are long gone when the lines of communication between businesses, customers, and vendors constituted emails and phone calls. In today’s times, more efficient and effective channels of communication are leveraged by the global business fraternity, comprising instant messengers, live video calls, recorded audios, and social networking.

BPO professionals at work, make use of all such communication channels to resolve customer queries fast. Customers also love to interact on their preferred channel of communication and hence is achieved, excellent customer servicing. 

Big Data Analytics

Real-time business-tracking and contemplation is the need of the hour in this hyper-competitive world where business circumstances and market conditions change each minute. Data is employed to achieve the same. Data analytics tools are becoming popular and gaining widespread recognition across the bpo sector due to their soaring contribution to the growth of bpo industry, globally.



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