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How Safe Is Laser Eye Surgery?

How Safe Is Laser Eye Surgery? 

If you’re finding that your vision isn’t holding up as well as it used to, your optometrist may have already floated the idea of laser eye surgery with you. Laser eye surgery is a relatively common procedure that can be used to manage deteriorating eyesight, and despite it seeming like a very modern procedure, laser eye surgery has been performed for over 30 years in its various forms. Despite it being used for so long, there are still undoubtedly people who are concerned about laser beams being shot into their eyes. In this article, we take a little look at what laser eye surgery is all about to give you a better idea of whether it might be for you or not.

Laser surgery is much safer than it seems.

The idea of laser surgery for eyes is one that probably not something that appeals to everyone due to the eyes being considered such a vulnerable part of our body, so the questions surrounding laser eye surgery as a safe option are perfectly valid. Although it might seem scary, laser eye surgery is very safe – there is an overwhelming amount of evidence to suggest that significant forms of laser eye surgery – LASIK, ASLA, and SMILE – are completely safe for those who qualify for each respective surgery. In essence, this means that these surgeries are designed for different kinds of vision impairment, and while they work well to manage certain types of issues, getting the wrong kind of laser eye surgery with your vision impairment has the potential to do some damage – don’t worry, though, there is no way your doctor will let this happen, though. Studies examining tens of thousands of LASIK cases found that more than 90% of patients developed 20/20 vision afterward, and close to 100% met Australian legal driving requirements. SMILE and ASLA are just as safe as LASIK eye surgery, so there’s no need to worry if you’re not getting LASIK

The potential risks and side-effects

Although laser eye surgery is considered very safe for the most part, like many other forms of surgery, it isn’t completely free of complication. An example of a relatively minor issue is the potential for the procedure not completely to remedy your vision due to over- or under-correction. However, even this can be remedied by a simple follow up process. There are also a few instances of short-term issues occurring after the procedure, such as a loss of visual sharpness. Still, even these issues remedy themselves within six months of the process taking place. It’s also possible for laser eye surgery to cause ongoing dryness in the eyes due to the tear film of the eye being tampered with, which causes tear reproduction to be less efficient (which of course then leads to dryer eyes). Although this too will usually heal by itself, in some more severe cases, it is an ongoing issue.

You shouldn’t worry about laser eye surgery.

Although lasers and eyes shouldn’t be a winning combination on paper, in the application, it’s a fantastic way to restore vision. Despite the potential of blindness remaining a concern for people, serious complications are very uncommon in terms of laser eye surgery, and there has never been a case of laser eye surgery-related blindness in Australia. If you were previously on the fence, make sure to give it some more consideration, as it could be a massive quality of life improvement for you – just make sure to adhere to your post-operative medical care instructions, and you should be more than ok.

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