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Safely Moving Wine Bottles for the Move

If you have an exquisite collection of wine & beer, then you are probably worried about them reaching safely to your new address. The wine bottles have to be packaged well, otherwise, they can break into pieces in a fraction of a second.

A broken bottle is a mess and can cause significant damage to your expensive movable furniture and other belongings.

Packing liquor bottles requires patience and an extra bit of care, and in this article, we have created a user guide to help you pack your wine bottles safely for the move.

So, Read on to Find Out:-

#1. Check Your Inventory

First, you have to check your entire wine inventory; search every cabinet where you stock your liquor collection. Once you know your inventory, you next have to figure out what bottles of wine you want to tag along to your new house or whatnot.

Wine bottles are often heavy, and when you’re being charged per pound, then you must keep your favorite bottles only.

Consider giving some of your wine bottles to your friends, relatives, and neighbors as a goodbye gift.

#2. Get the Right Packing Supplies

Packing Supplies

Now is the most crucial step, which is obtaining the right packing supplies. If possible, get specialized wine boxes from a local liquor store, as they have a strong bottom to hold the boxes. Otherwise, you must properly wrap each bottle and cushion the box from all sides.

Styrofoam dividers are best to ensure that the wine bottles are snugly fit in the box, and they don’t bump into each other.

Apart from boxes, other wine bottle packing supplies include packaging paper, packing tape, and a marking label.

#3. Secure the Bottom

It is indispensable to secure the bottom of the box before you place the wine bottles in it. If the bottom of the box is somewhat flimsy, consider adding a layer of cardboard.

You can reinforce with tape to make sure the box’s bottom is robust to manage the weight of heavy liquor bottles.

Before moving the boxes, make sure they are not torn out or damaged from any side. And, most importantly, you must let your removalists know that the particular boxes contain wine boxes so that they are taken care of well. Visit and request a quote to hire extra help.

#4.  Position the Wine Bottle Properly

How you position your liquid bottles is essential. How you are going to place the wine bottles depends on the kind of wine in them. You need to know that each wine is unique in its way.

You can pack the white and red wine, either upside down or the side. It is to ensure that the wet corks are wet during the move.

Keeping the wine bottle corks wet helps in preventing oxidation or spoilage. Pack sparkling wines and champagne tightly upright.

A Piece Of Advice—Never Open Wine Bottles Immediately After the Move

You should refrain from opening your wine bottles for some hours after the move. If the move is a long-distance one, then you need to wait even longer. Why? During the move, the wine bottles shake, and these bottles need some time to recover from the vibrations.

Opening them before their recovery would lead to a loss of taste. So, that’s why the wait is worth it.

Are you concerned about your selection of wine bottles during the move? Don’t worry, contact a reliable removalist as they have got an expert team of packers and movers professionally trained and equipped with the necessary resources to take care of your fragile items.