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Search engine registration: Do I have to submit?

Search engine registration: Do I have to submit?
  • PublishedMarch 8, 2021

traffic that reaches your own website via search engines is vital, especially at the beginning – when the website still has few alternative visitor sources.

The highest possible ranking within the search engine results pages , SERPs for short , supertotobet giriş adresi is therefore mandatory and requires search engine optimization .

In order to make it into the index with a new website, some providers offer to take over this and at the same time make further entries in directories and catalogs – our advice: stay away from such offers.

If you have published a new website, you will of course be excited to see when the page will finally appear in the Google Index so that search engine traffic can finally flow.

Admittedly: Google sometimes puts our patience to the test and takes a particularly long time with indexing – and some service providers use this impatience and lure you with an immoral offer:

  • Registration of your website in the Google index
  • Register your website in more than a thousand directories
  • Registration of your website in more than a thousand catalogs

and all at a price of a few euros…

That sounds promising at first glance – but at second glance it becomes clear that this is not only of little use, but can also be counterproductive, because: a manual entry in the Google index is no longer necessary and so many “low quality” Backlinks violate the Google guidelines and can not only lead to a penalty (e.g. Penguin ), but in the worst case to a ban from the index – and thus the traffic source Google dries up before it has even taken effect.

Google automatically indexes new web pages

Search Engine is now so mature that the algorithm “notices” when something new is happening on the Internet.

So that means: The Google crawlers – small bots that crawl the web – are on the web every day and search millions of websites.

Google will find your website, even if you have not performed a manual search engine submission.

As soon as google find the website and searched by the bots, it is also displayed in the Google index a short time later. Basically, all you need to do is make sure that:

  • Your website may be indexed (some CMS have the setting to “forbid” indexing)
  • All web pages that you want to be indexed are accessible via links
  • You have optimized your website for certain subject-relevant keywords in order to boost your ranking right from the start.

This completes the Google indexing. The offer mentioned at the beginning has therefore already lost its importance significantly. Only the catalogs and directories remain – but we can – and must – refute this argument for your sake.

Bulky submissions violate Google guidelines

Anyone who uses a service that enters your website in thousands of web catalogs or link directories unfortunately has bad cards against the watchful Google eyes, because such methods clearly violate Google guidelines.

Basically, it is a link building measure that is part of the offpage optimization of a website.

Backlinks from other websites increase your relevance on the web and improve your ranking accordingly – but this only applies to “real” and high quality backlinks . Conversely, this means that

  • backlinks bought,
  • Links from inferior web catalogs and
  • Links from inferior link directories

can do just the opposite. Purchased links are generally prohibited – and many catalogs or directories have been declared by Google as ” link farms “.

A backlink from there – especially in the amount offered by the offer – damages your ranking or, in rare cases, even leads to an exclusion from the index.

Then the only thing that helps is a reconsideration request , which not only means a lot of work, but can also take months or years – it is essential to avoid such stress by simply being patient.

Speed ​​up the indexing of a new page

Do you want to speed up the indexing? No problem.

Google Webmaster Tools

Register for a Google Account and create a Google Webmaster Tools Account. Then enter your website there and confirm it. You have already notified Google of the existence of your page.

In addition, you will later find countless important data about your own website such as rankings, links and problems with crawling. Always worth a look!

Social media

If you still can’t wait, you have a problem with patience, but: In the meantime, social profiles can be set up on Facebook, Twitter & Co. Don’t forget the link to your own homepage! Google loves these really big sites and is constantly crawling them. This means that google bots will visit your website. Social media also have an impact on local search engine optimization

Written By
Adam Smith